04 September 2017

Challenge #72: Sets of Three TWIST use cardboard

Time for the September Challenge!

We switched into Spring on the 1st September, and we had a lovely day 
but the night sky was the best!

Franklin last night (1st Sept) thanks to Julien Johnston from Mojoh Photography who says:

Boy the Lady Wowed us last night !

This was taken at Franklin on the Huon River and I lived at the next township (Castle Forbes Bay) for quite a few years - or my parents did  and I occasionally lobbed in - but I cannot say I ever saw an aurora while there - perhaps I had my head in the pillow!

Anyway, the weather has decided to bring all four seasons now and lots of wind 
so we can say Spring has arrived!

On to the challenge:

#72: Sets of Three
TWIST use cardboard

Sets of three please the eye apparently so when designing and adding embellishments, remembering to work in odd numbers and in particularly, sets of three enhances your work. It is a rule to abide by until you get to a stage when breaking it works better - I am far off that stage!

Now, you can either use three different papers, or embellies or three of an embellishment or three of something......really, it is your interpretation but if you break out of the design one, please plead your case in your blog explanation as it makes it easier for us to decide if it fits the theme.

Now, the word cardboard has different meanings in the craft world depending where you come from. In the USA, chipboard is mostly cardboard while in Australia it can be cardboard or wood. We are looking for the more malleable, softer card-board rather than a solid wood or softer thick card. It is used to make food boxes and so you can repurpose or re-cycle or you can use a chipboard embellishment if it is cut from a thick card. 

You could go to this length:

Cardboard club.... for the display case... awesome.

Oh So Crafty

Homemade Christmas Star Ornament - DIY Christmas Ornaments - Good Housekeeping

Pinterest has wayyyyyy too many ideas.............for using chipboard BUT where is the theme of three?

Remember, the theme is sets of three

The TWIST is to use the cardboard

There is a prize on offer for a random number draw and you will not get a chance to win that unless you enter and your entry has NO STAMPS PLEASE.


The DT has a bit of inspiration for you to draw on:

You can follow the links to the blogs and find out more!

Then come back and link your entry!



  1. So pretty and the photo is absolutely stunning so nice to see an aurora we call it the Northern lights and what a delight it is to see it xx

  2. Wow, I have never seen an aurora as this in he photo! Stunning! How many green!
    Lovely interpretations of the theme!

  3. Wow, that is an amazing photo.
    Very pretty cards ladies. Christmas huh Susan? Yikes. I did purchase a few Chrissy pressies online yesterday actually. Too early? I think not.

  4. I have to say that I've never seen a sky like that!! How impressive, and the cards from the DT are also impressive. That vintage Christmas card is just gorgeous.

  5. I am so very, very very jealous of that photograph! Thank you for the fabulous challenge and beautiful projects from your DT too Karen x


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. The Design Team really appreciate it. Have fun with the challenge.