10 December 2018

Winner's Post for November

Hi Peeps:

Exciting times on this blog! We have just heard that our teamie CG has crafted the most amazing Christmas gift of them all - a beautiful, bouncing baby boy! His name is Ramesses and he was born on the 5th in Baltimore. Welcome to the world Rami. All well!

Now, telling who are the winners is a bit of a letdown I imagine after that fabulous news.

The random number winner is:

Congratulations Nancy. I will be in touch!

The DT Favorite is:

Sindu, I will be in touch and congratulations!

Our last challenge for 2018 has started - and you have until the end of the month to--

#86: December - Christmas theme for your Country 

Twist - explain the theme in your blog

Some countries have particular themes around Christmas
Some families also have particular themes bought from the old country to the new one

Remember: you can scrap; make a card or tag; or do off-the-page items and 3D stuff
for this challenge as long as you Please DON'T USE STAMPS!

Last one for the year so let us see what you can do!

There is a prize:

Now, some inspiration to assist:

Large tag from recycled card

A magical early morning view from the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington thanks to Andy Leggett 🌄

Stroll through cool forested gullies along historic walking tracks or traverse Wellington Range on a mountain bike. Walk along one of the 20+ mountain trails, climb leaning dolerite towers, or sit quietly among the scenery and listen to the birds. Find the perfect place for a picnic or to flip a burger. You might even find one of the many hidden huts! This all awaits you on Mt Wellington.

#TasmaniaGram #InstaTasmania #Tasmania

03 December 2018

Challenge#86: Christmas Theme from your Country!

#86: December - Christmas theme for your Country 

Twist - explain the theme in your blog

Some countries have particular themes around Christmas
Some families also have particular themes bought from the old country to the new one
eg: threepence and sixpence coins in the pudding even though Australia now uses dollars and cents
(You can actually purchase special tokens and coin sets still here)

I am sure you can find time for a little fun and join in here

One of our's is that the reindeer get a rest in Australia
There are six white kangaroo's to take their place

Image result for Australian Christmas decos

Remember: you can scrap; make a card or tag; or do off-the-page items and 3D stuff
for this challenge as long as you DON'T USE STAMPS!

Last one for the year so let us see what you can do!

There is a prize:

Here is some inspiration to get you going!

USA -- Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties

(ED: Congratulations to CG too on just crafting the most beautiful little baby boy - all well:what a lovely Christmas present for the family!)

6 White (black) Boomers!!!!

01 December 2018

I think I lost a week!

Dear Peeps......it appears I have mislaid a week. Has anyone found it? If so, please return asap - I really need the time.

I didn't do a last post  for December (in case you are wondering what I am rabbiting on about). Here is what was going to be posted to get you keen to enter the November challenge!

Recycled paper sack and Christmas card

I used a recycled box to make a large gift box.

The new challenge starts Monday - see you then!!!!!

18 November 2018

Midway Through November's Challenge: #85 Bags, Parcels or Boxes?

Hello Peeps.

It is midway through the month and the new challenge #85 is producing some lovely work.

To remind you again:

 Boxes, Parcels or Bags - TWIST: recycle

The Random Draw prize is this:

To give you some more idea's scroll down and see the last two week's post or 
look at these:

The bags were $1 each in the $2 shop!

If you want to find out more about how they were put together....

We get lot's of visitors to Tasmania
Here is a new one:

Last night’s incredible sunset from Lauderdale beach with the ‘Ocean Monarch’ drilling platform in the bay thanks to Photography By Nikki Long

For the next three months, Tasmania will play host to a drilling platform that featured in the 1998 Hollywood blockbuster Armageddon, 
which starred Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler.

The Ocean Monarch, which has been drilling for gas in the Bass Strait off the east Gippsland coast, has been towed to Hobart for maintenance and minor repairs. The 107-metre-long, 21,000-tonne rig is at the entrance of Ralphs Bay in the River Derwent, where it will remain anchored for 12 weeks.


12 November 2018

October Winners in Week Two for Challenge#85

Week two means we are now officially only six weeks from Christmas! 

Quick - find something calming to look at!

How about this little fellow?
He is a Quoll.......a Spotted Quoll... about the size of a small cat

A beautiful close up of a Spotted-tail Quoll at Devils at Cradle

OK, now I have settled......

Here are the October winners!

Random Number winner: #13 Jennifer


DT Favorite(s)

Had to have two this month as we cold not separate them!


Congratulations to all. I will be in touch re blinkies and Jennifer, I think I have your snail mail but if you can send it anyway - thanks!

Remember, there is a challenge running in November  that will fit your schedules

 Boxes, Parcels or Bags - TWIST: recycle

Recycled gift box


Recycled Gift bag into pillow box

Ingenious work!

So, what are you going to do?

Remember please - NO STAMPS

You can scroll down to last week and enter there. 

05 November 2018

November Challenge #85 launched: Boxes, parcels or bags

 Boxes, Parcels or Bags - TWIST: recycle

Image result for Christmas parcels

How do you present your gifts these days at Christmas time? I have gone away from parcels to swing bags. You can purchased them cheaply at various places OR you can also recycle the ones you are given from various shops which advertise the name of the business to all and sundry as you walk home. 

The TWIST this month is to be thrifty and recycle something when making your box, bag or parcel.

The Random Draw prize is this:

The Design Team have outdone themselves again
Here is the first week's installments!

Recycled MinMax carrier bag with recycled Christmas card and Ribbon with bell

Cannot wait to see what you all produce!

Hopefully something you can use this Christmas!

Something to brighten up your creative week.....

On Saturday we had blue skies and 26 degrees but by Sunday.......

...it was down to 13 max! The wind came and went and so did the sun.......

This morning’s view of our mountain from the Hobart waterfront thanks to Leo.

22 October 2018

Last Week in October's Challenge#84

Hello Peeps

Just a quick reminder you have until midnight Friday to get your entry in for the October Challenge.

A reminder of the random number selection prize.

TWO new die sets

The Challenge#84  is to use

 Golden Glitter/Foil - twist:use only white and gold

I made another card for this week to inspire you

You can go to my blog to check out how I made it

Remember - NO STAMPS please

You can enter HERE

15 October 2018

Midway through October for Challenge#84

#84: Golden Glitter/Foil - use only white and gold

What a treat for you  this week - the DT have created a storm of beautiful work to inspire you for this current challenge......but before you see that, here are some Fairy Penguins to look at......

'Just hanging with the little fairy penguins at Low Head. These little fellas were so cute they were just waddling up and then they saw a predator and abandoned the lead to run for safety. These penguins are pretty funny not gonna lie. Waddle waddle.'


#84: October - Golden Glitter/Foiling
Twist - Only use white and gold

Two die sets

Here is the DT inspiration for you.....


You have two weeks left to complete this challenge!

08 October 2018

September Winners


Congratulations to our winners from September: after waiting two weeks with no entries, we eventually got to 11 magnificent entries:

Random Number Prize Draw

Image may contain: table, indoor and food

Our DT favorite is N0 3
Crafty Stamper

Remember, our latest challenge is

Challenge #84: Golden Glitter/Foil - twist use only white and gold

Now that / means and/or............as in Glitter (paper) and/or Foils........
.as long as white and gold is somehow involved!

Some DT inspiration for you


Foiled sentiment

Remember, you have until the end of the month to enter 

01 October 2018

Challenge #84: Golden Glitter/Foil - use only white and gold

Now that / means and/or............as in Glitter (paper) and/or Foils.........as long as gold is somehow involved!

So, in the craft world there are many new things and techniques arriving all the time lately, but there are also so many thing that are tried and true. Glitter and Glitter paper have been around for quite a while and there are many ways to use them. I remember my very first foray into the loose glitter - I was hooked from the beginning! Despite the fact that the craft room often resembled a fairy castle and I discovered the hard way that a spilled container of glitter does not want to return to the place from which it came!!!

So, when along came glimmer/glitter paper I was happy. I have a lot of it - particularly in silver for some reason. I then became quite a hermit and hoarder of this card, not using it often to 'save' it for something special. Nowadays I am a bit more capable of sharing this with others! Probably has something to do with the fact that it is more readily available in good quality now as well.

In addition, the various companies started to produced foiled papers..........like these

Then....I started to read about a machine called the TODO.....and I lusted for it but it was overseas and quite expensive. One glorious day, I realised that an Australian company called Couture Creations was marketing a machine called a Go Press and Foil! I fell in love all over again! Suddenly I could foil myself without using glue or similar and it was compatible with my Big Shot.  I told my hubby about it and waited hopefully.........sure enough, I got one for Christmas!!! Yes, sneaky....

An Anne Griffin card showcasing foiling

If you too have had this journey OR you have have travelled along some of the trails you can join in this challenge! You can use glitter, glimmer card/paper or foils or all of the above! You can make a card or a tag or a container, or off the page or a scrapbook page........just remember, the challenge is GOLD Glitter/Foil and the twist is only use white and gold.

Yes, there is a prize

Two New Die sets!

Today two members of the DT - Dale and myself - have created some work the demonstrates how much or how little glitter/foil you can use and still be meeting the challenge.....

There is glitter on the gold flower.........
and foiled paper......

So, hopefully we will gt your creative juices flowering and you can grab those glitters and papers in a flurry of artistic joy!

Enter your work through the Linky