18 May 2015

Midway Through May - Challenge #47 Family Tree

Hello to all our lovely followers and readers - welcome to our Mid May post! We are back to autumnal weather again here in Tassie but have had our share of cold and snow. My photo today is off FB and was taken by Leena Wizz of the Ross Bridge. Ross is a small town in central Tasmania and this bridge was built by convicts in 1836. It is the 3rd oldest stone bridge still in operation in Australia.

After the eye candy, the information. We have a May Challenge!
Remember the prize for this month is the following diecut:

The theme?

Family History - who is in your family tree? 

Make a scrap page or create a card or photo page/inside a frame about a family member who is in the past.We all have many blossoms in our family tree but we all have lots of nuts too! I am sure we can include our past fur babies too!

The twist is to Make it Vintage!

The team have surprised me yet again with their amazing creativity - just look at this lot and say they are not inspirational! Please visit their sites and give them the love they deserve!

(Pieter Schilperoort - Founder of the Dutch Swing College Band - a cousin of my maternal grandmother)

 I interpreted the theme slightly differently to think of members of the family as  different elements of a tree (flower/ fruits, roots, flora , fauna), with light meaning family bond in the center. The project depicts family journey through history

CG - My mother & grandmother in the 1960s

(my grandparents wedding photo in my #listersgottalist book)


This is my wonderful NAN!

You can create an album page, a canvas, a photoframe or a card or your project could be something else entirely! Just remember NO STAMPS please, and to enter by the end of the month!

You a find the inkylink 

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