31 December 2017

Happy New Year

May all your wishes come true and the year ahead be healthy and happy.
See you next year.

If I survive the latest addition - meet Weasley

25 December 2017

Merry Christmas!

I hope this finds you all  happy and healthy and having a great time with family and friends!

It is the final week for the latest challenge so get Zentangling over the break and have a go!

#75: Zentangle your way to Christmas.... 
TWIST make a non-traditional item

Emboss folder, diecut and some sparkle

I needed a few tags in a hurry so die cut some waste cardboard and made a couple of them quickly.

You can make anything you like as long as it has a Zentangle on it!

And NO STAMPS please!

Scroll down to find the Linky in week 1.

18 December 2017

Counting down to Christmas!

Well, two weeks until the big man arrives......and all the food is consumed, the alcohol drunk and the packages unwrapped and the paper thrown away and we all say "never again will I eat/drink/cook/buy so much......"

It is summer here, and the cricket is on - yes, we are winning the Ashes and whomping England but I am not going to brag or anything......

The weather is conducive to water sports, swimming and playing on the beach. 

Sailing on the Derwent - Mt Wellington (kunanyi) in background

#75: Zentangle your way to Christmas.... 
TWIST make a non-traditional item

Emboss folder, diecut and some sparkle

I guess we are all very busy. 
However, there is one piece of inspiration for you

There are three entries as I type this - so a 33.3% chance to win the prize.....

You can enter your work HERE

Remember, no stamps please - the sentiment on the bag is a sticker!!

11 December 2017

November Winners for Unstampabelles

Hello Friends

We hope that you are all well and that your lives are travelling easy. Not too much snow or heat or rain or fire! How are your preparations or Christmas going, if you celebrate Christmas? Mine are slow - or perhaps I am slow! Thought you might all like to see another photo of the  Derwent River, which flows just outside my craft room window.

This photo was taken from the air, naturally, and shows the now famous MONA Museum and Art Gallery - the red buildings - and the winery on the small frying pan outlet into the river just a few kilometers upstream from us. In the background on the left you can see the Cadbury chocolate factory too (white). Of course, we live on the Eastern shore of the river - more in the background here - and further south. As a Tasmanian, I can get in free to MONA. There are restaurants and a wine bar, a public space where concerts and markets are put on and I believe some amazing accommodation as well. You can drive (takes us about 10 minutes) or catch a water ferry.

We all feel like winners when we go there and the fellow who created it - David Walsh - has really singlehandedly changed the economy of our state in a positive way.

Now, who are our November winners?

Random Number  is 7!
Treebug (Tina)

DT Favorite is

Congratulations to both crafters in what was a difficult challenge!

Remember, there is another challenge running currently

#75 Zentangle your way to Christmas.... 
TWIST make a non-traditional item


Emboss folder, diecut and some sparkle

Some DT inspiration

I made a Festivus card for my best friend, and used my own doodles to decorate the letters.


Three more cards today

Remember, they don't have to be cards - scrap pages, tags, gift bags, oven gloves, placemats, a coffee cup, the dog......perhaps not the dog.

Just as long as you don't tangle with a stamp you are fine!

You can scroll  down to the entry link - already one entry I note!

04 December 2017

Zentangling All the Way!

Yes, we are going to challenge you to Zentangle again! It is such a wonderful, relaxing, Zen like thing to do before Christmas and the New Year overwhelms you!

The challenge for December is

#75 Zentangle your way to Christmas.... 
TWIST make a non-traditional item


Emboss folder, diecut and some sparkle

You can zentangle some placemats or coasters; what about your apron or over gloves?
Of course, you could zentangle came cards or tags but just not in a traditional way......in fact, they don't even have to be Christmas cards!

You can use your zentangle as a backgound, foreground or even tangle over the embellies!

HINT: a fine tipped pen is better!

The Design Team are wonderful - they take up the challenges as well and come up with some amazing stuff. This time is no exception!

Figgy Pudding!

Gorgeous mm background here

We all chose a card for first time around but you don't have to do that. 

You can get tangling and enter your item  at the linky but remember


27 November 2017

Two Brave Souls!

Congratulations to our two brave entrants so far. Thank you for taking the time to enter as well. It is nice knowing we are being read! Still a week to go so hopefully we will get some more crafters having a go at this challenge.

I know that many of you don't enter because we don't use stamps - but I use stamps lots of time and own thousands  (well, probably hundreds) of sets - some even still uninked! I just don't use them all the time. I also have a huge file of digitals on my computer. Again, I just don't use them all the time.

Forcing yourself to think about how you can make something without stamping extends your skill levels and broadens your mind! I often look at photographs of work using a stamp and mentally substitute a die cut for the sentiment, or a sticker, or handwriting - and there is a piece of craft without stamping!

I also like to repurpose good stuff like lovely images I find. So using them instead of a stamped image is so satisfying. One element I often use is a wine label off a bottle and now my friends save me unusual labels of their bottles!

Enough badgering......what about this little critter!

A baby wombat!
Don't you just want to tickle that little belly!
Divine baby Iris - Isn't she just THE MOST gorgeous baby wombat you've ever seen?

Must admit we do say that about all the baby wombats that come in to Kate Mooneys care on Flinders Island... but guess what - its true! 


Remember the challenge?

 It's all about the cake...
TWIST use mainly the primary colours 


This is the random number prize - an embossing folder

Another inspiration? Sure

A tag for the present!

See you soon!!!

Remember to scroll down for the link.

20 November 2017

OK, this is obviously too hard for you all.....

...not even one entry when I started to write this post. I cannot understand why this should be difficult but I will attempt to make it easier......

The challenge is :

 It's all about the cake...

Then, there is a twist......

 The TWIST is to use mainly the primary colours 

In paint pigments, pure Yellow, pure Red, and pure Blue are theoretically the only hues that can't be created by mixing any other colors. Printer inks and web primaries are called Yellow, Magenta and Cyan.

When presenting a design or an idea your choice of colours is very important. Many surveys have been carried out on the general public to find out what people like. The findings suggest that very young children like bright, vibrant colours (reds, yellows and oranges etc...) whilst older people like more gentle or sophisticated colours and tones such as shades of blue. It is very important for a designer to understand the way colours are put together/created as this may help in the selection of the right colour scheme for a particular age group.
Primary Colours - These are colours that cannot be created through the mixing of other colours. 
They are colours in their own right. 
The three primary colours are RED - YELLOW - BLUE

Primary colors are everywhere when we take the time to notice. 

Primary colors cannot be mixed from other colors. They are the source of all other colors. Secondary colors are mixed from two primary colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel. The secondary colors are orange, green and violet. 

You can use the three colours (or variants of them) 

What is hard about that?

Come on Peeps - you can rise to this challenge.... and there is a great prize

This is the random number prize - an embossing folder

Now, what about some more inspiration for you all?

Small cupcake gift card

Now, let's see what you can come up with!

You can scroll down to find the linky.......

13 November 2017

Who won the Prize this time?

Yes, it's the time to tell you who the winner of the random number prize is for last month and to reveal the winner of the DT Favorite - but in reality they are all our favorites you know. It is so hard to choose some times. Before then, here is another of those pretty sunrises for you. Notice it is in the primary colours that nature is at its best.

A pretty pink sunrise had the sky and the river blushing near Evandale. What a stunning morning!

For more info, see:
Image: instagram.com/simontoogood

Random Number winner is 7 Vinita Jane - for Diwali

DT Favorite

No 11: Judy

Congratulations Ladies - I will be in touch!!

Remember, our current challenge is now running for November and it is:

 It's all about the cake...
TWIST use mainly the primary colours 


This is the random number prize - an embossing folder

Some inspiration? Yep - what about these?


Now it is all up to you - have a go and see what you can create! 

You can enter HERE!

06 November 2017

#74 It's All about the Cake - TWIST Primary Colours

Hello Peeps - and to the latest Peeps -welcome!

How has life been in your crafting world? Mine has been a bit slow but it's mostly my own fault. Too lazy to get out of my own way at times, that's me. However, deep breath and get on with things - that's my newest resolution! Wonder how long that will last?

We ar planning a little get-away soon: just a few days -and we will be heading to a small seaside town called St Helens. 

A beautiful scene from Amanda at St Helens, on Tassie’s north-east coast, who says:

Feeling like a child again exploring the orange lichen covered rocks around the Bay of Fires 🔎🔥

Did you notice that the colours of the rocks, sea and lichen are all variants on the primary colours?


Guess what?  This month's challenge is:
 It's all about the cake...
TWIST use mainly the primary colours 


This is the random number prize - an embossing folder

This is NOT as difficult as it looks!
There are many variants on the reds, blues and yellows of our world.
Just don't do what I did when making my first piece, and get confused with what were primary colours and used green instead of blue! A hasty change was needed!!!

Wynn has added primary colours in her cake banner but her other colours are variants on the basic three.
We just want to see you concentrate on those

If you can manage that and a cake then you are excellent!

Remember, it does not have to be a card and NO STAMPS please

In saying that my first one is a Christmas Card.......with a cake!!

When you have sorted out your ideas, you can enter your work here:

30 October 2017

New Challenge next week, remember

he Peeps - remember we work from the first Monday of a new month. The old challenge has closed but the new one does not begin until the 6th November.

Until then, happy crafting and here is a photo to keep you interested.

Now here's a claim to fame - located in gorgeous Richmond, in the Coal Valley, this is Australia's oldest stone span bridge! It was built by convicts in the 1820's, is heritage listed and is the most photographed landmark in the town. Not hard to understand why is it? That said, the township of Richmond has more than 50 Georgian buildings, many converted into cafes and shops, and is also home to the oldest gaol in Australia, the Richmond Gaol. Definitely worth a look-see 👀 and it's only 30 minutes from Hobart.
Image: www.instagram.com/snapshottours

23 October 2017

Happy Halloween

Halloween is coming quickly and there are a lot of funny and beautiful Halloween cards out there. We don't celebrate this but it is as I have said before, growing in our community and I see lots of decorations out there. Who know what it is going to be like in a few years time!

Meanwhile, we are at the start of the last week for October's challenge:

Tic Tac Toe 
TWIST journal about the decision making process










Instructions for the Peeps:
  • You must chose only one row across or down or diagonally - remember three in a row
  • You have to choose only these three items from the grid to add to your work
  • a good rule to remember: you cannot choose for example ribbon, string and stickers, as none of the edges of these boxes touch


The DT have been busy and there are some delightful pieces to be shared for your inspiration:

CG - Lace, Bling, Die-cuts

Vicki - flowers, bling and string


Stuck on string, ribbon and lace....

OK - some lovely pieces have been entered already but we are happy to see many more!

You can enter them HERE

Until then, it's us signing off!

‘Dancing Penguin’

This gorgeous King Penguin was so happy to reach the beautiful beach at Fortescue Bay 🐧🌊🐧 on the Tasman Pensinsula.

One of the best campsites in Tassie, located down a 12km bush road, Fortescue is the destination for camping, bushwalking, picnicking, swimming, fishing and being up close and personal with our unique wildlife. Sea kayaking and canoeing around the rugged cliffs of Tasman National Park is also an unforgettable experience.

Fortescue has 40 campsites plus a shower block, toilets and barbeques.

Thanks to Ian Jeanneret for a very cool photo.