25 October 2021

Last week for October Challenge#116: Everyone has a Story...with a TWIST of using a page from a book

 Hello Peeps. 

I love reading...but lately I find I am too tired to really read a lot. The trouble is, if it is a ripping yarn, I will read it from cover to cover regardless of the time, meaning I often will still be up reading at 4.00 am. So I have to ration what I read. Currently I have about five books on the go - ones I can pickup, read a chapter (ie Soil by Matthew Evans - its about dirt) and put back down. I like some autobiographiy styles too for this (Julia Gillard's book on Women and Power is great). Others I have to concentrate to get the characters back into my head and often I will only read for a bit - it gets too desperate or horrible or I am bored I put it back into the pile and go to bed.  Some however,  I devour - and these are the dangerous stories, because I pay for the loss of sleep and the story will often resonate in my head for days too. 

At one stage I thought I might write a story too but that is much harder than I anticipated.

However, people all have personal stories too. I have found in art journalling that I tend to want to tell a story, usually my own. I also belong to a few art journalling websites  and that seems to be the theme of the majority of the layouts presented on these sites. Some stories are secret and covered up - some are all out there for all to see. This story telling aspect has also affected my card making lately too...hence the theme of October

#116: Everyone has a Story             


TWIST: use a page from a book somewhere in your piece

(This use of a page is problematic also - the idea of tearing out a page horrifies me so I go for old books and try not to wince when I rip. I find one way of doing it is to photocopy and then tear or cut that page up - doesn't hurt nearly as much!)

I saw this idea on that great data base Pinterest

This is what I would like to do more of when the great pandemic is over and we can all emerge blinking into the daylight......exploring not sailing. (I am too old now to sail anymore. Loved it when I was younger but my balance and strength do not make it pleasant any more. Still like to see boats on the water though......)  It is about being able to explore at home too thought, through the pages of a good yarn! The page is from the dictionary again - this time about travelling.

What is your story?

You have a week to enter.........

18 October 2021

Challenge #116: Everyone has a Story TWIST use a page from a book

Hello Peeps

Welcome to week 3 in October's challenge 

#116: Everyone has a Story             


TWIST: use a page from a book somewhere in your piece

I hope you are all OK?

It has finally happened and Tasmania (Southern Tasmania) is in Covid lockdown because we had a low life who entered Tassie illegally and had Delta.

He has been uncooperative - apparently there is suspicion of drug dealing - and so no-one really has any idea of his comings and goings, and we all had to lockdown for 3 days at least. So far we are showing no infection in the community but the type of people who would have had dealings with him are unlikely to come forward for testing and probably are not vaccinated either. It is now a wait and see situation.

We have 24 hours at least to go and if there are some signs of Delta I guess the snap down 3 days will be extended. You should have seen the rush to the supermarkets for toilet paper and frozen foods! Ridiculous!

I on the other hand went and got a pedicure!

Back to the challenge.....

You have two weeks to get and entry in for this - remember, no stamps please. It is a good one for journals and for scrapbooking but you can make a card too - that is what Vicki has done for your inspiration.....

Nothing like the story of how you acquired your home to suit this challenge!

What have you thought about creating for this challenge?

11 October 2021

Winner's from September and latest Challenge#116: Everyone has a Story

 Hello Peeps

Welcome to week two of the October challenge

#116: Everyone has a Story             


TWIST: use a page from a book somewhere in your piece

This bit of inspiration (a journal page) is a bit of cheat on the TWIST because firstly I photocopied a
page out of my dictionary and then only used a bit of that page.....but I did use that bit of a page from a book and
put it into a page in a book!

I copied the image (of course) from a piece found on Pinterest
You can go HERE to see how it was constructed

Before I go, the winner's of the September Challenge need to be published
(see below)

Random Number draw: 2 Pam

DT Favorite: 8 Ann

Congratulations to the winners 

If you are the random number winner, send me an email at
suhoganatgmaildotcomdotau regarding your prize. 

Both can email me for a blinkie too if you would like one. 

(Remember, where it says dot you type a dot; and use the 'at' sign for at)

Guess who turned four in this house earlier this week...

Happy Birthday Mr Weasley

04 October 2021

October's Challenge: #116: Every One has a Story....TWIST: use a book page somewhere in piece


Hello Peeps!

October has snuck up and so we have a new challenge

#116: Everyone has a Story                     

TWIST: use a page from a book somewhere in your piece

This challenge is quite open to interpretation - it can be about birthdays, adventures, events or even a 'just because' or perhaps even a sympathy card. You can make a scrap page or pages, a journal page or a card, or make a 3D object that reflects a story. Just remember, no stamps please and if you want to be in the running for DT favourite or the $15 random number draw you should also have a go at the twist.

My story this week - we had to get a new printer (old one was 10 + years and just refused to work)
This is Bingo while I was setting it up and putting it through the test print....

Always have to have an office manager......

Hope you are having a safe and happy time and that there is a positive story going on for you....

Dale opens the DT inspiration each month and does not disappoint yet again

What are you going to do for this challenge?

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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