27 July 2016

Another piece of inspiration

A new piece of inspiration for the last few days from Shylaashree for our current challenge (see details next post down)

(tribal art of India)

Just look at that clever quilling!

25 July 2016

A Week left to Go Native!

Hello all - well, we have a week left for this challenge to be met: use the theme 'Go Native' to express yourself by creating something that represents your native land or your tribe/clan's traditional things; or even to show off the native animals or flora from your region.

This little fella is a very local inhabitant - he is of course the Tasmania Devil

"The Tasmanian devil is the world's largest carnivorous marsupial, according to National Geographic. Most of the time, they eat birds, snakes, fish and insects. Often, they feast on dead carcasses, called carrion."

I saying large - here is a baby being fed by a human.....
You can see they are not that large

They ARE suffering from a dreadful tumerous cancer which is threatening to wipe them out

There is a very determined effort going on to save them

The TWIST for this challenge is to make your project up as a Square CARD this month!

There is as always a prize

and some more inspiration


Antarctica is the only place for penguins - Antarctica is just down the hill from us!
Ergo - natives!


'Everything Stops for Tea!'
( A very British tradition!)

What ideas have you been inspired to create? 
You have until Friday at midnight to enter the challenge!

Go HERE and scroll down to the Linky to enter

18 July 2016

Midway for July's challenge: Go Native with a twist to make a square card

Hello Peeps!
Well, last post I talked about the wild weather coming our way, and the threat of snow to sea level
We got snow, yes,but only to about 200 metres, so no snow at my place. It was very Scottish sort of weather - misty and cold - and occasional glimpses of snow through the swirling fog as the wind gusts got a bit blustery.

Very blustery at times - up to 130 mph here, but we are thankfully tucked inside a bay and unless it is almost directly westerly - or slightly nor'westerly - we don't get too much. The rest of the state was NOT tucked into shelter so there were thousands without power and many whose roof and other things blew away! A bit wild, cold and nasty but settled now - you could tell it was going to be ugly as the isobars were squeezed so close together and it was all sweeping up at us from Antartica. The the snow melted - and you guessed it, we had rivers flooding again - this time the worst was in Huonville, a small town on the Huon River. 

But it was not all bad - snow often means lovely photo's so here is one from the north of the state, taken on a mountain called Ben Lomand (yes, we have a lot of English sounding names here). There is a small skiing resort on the top, and a very challenging road - called by the locals Jacob's Ladder......

It is a bit scary going up - and they tell me the road is much better than the last time I ventured there. I have walked it, carrying ski's over my shoulder, as well as my pack, but I was much MUCH younger then. This is looking north-west, into the sunset

Thanks to Dale Mawby for the pic

On to the current challenge:

Theme: Go Native

TWIST "It's hip to be square"

So, anything that represents what it is to be a native of your country - sport, cultural, spiritual, political, past or present, floral or animal...........

Come on - the Olympic Games are about to start - you can make something patriotic!

The twist is to make a square card!

The prize on offer - Embossing folder plus sequins

Yes, we have some more inspiration for you to look at and admire!!!

july 2016 DT 1 (640x566)This time Vicki is using the colours Red, White and Blue from our Australian flag
CG made a card inspired by some the icons of her adopted home, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

So, if you are inspired you need to add your work 

by scrolling down to the linky

11 July 2016

June Winners and some more for July challenge

Brrrr, it's winter and so it has been a bit cold - and about to get much colder! They are talking about snow to sea level this week - pretty amazing for us and we will wait and see.......meanwhile, this lovely bridge is one of many over the various rivers in Tasmania which is convict built (means its about 200 years old), and stunning in its design and construction.

It's the Red Bridge at Campletown, southern side entry to the town
Photo by Murray of Murray's Day Out

Looks cold doesn't it.........
If it snows to the sea on Tuesday I will take a photo myself and show you!

Now, on to the June Winners

No 6 Carole J
So delicate

and for DT Favorite

Congratulations to both of you
There should be an email from me re this with more information - if not please check your junk mail first and then send me a message

OK, so on to the July Challenge

Challenge #59 Go Native

Twist: use a square card
Yes, this is a CARD ONLY challenge

The Prize
Embossing Folder and sequins

As it was Nadoic Week last week, I decided to have a go at making a dot painting and discovered I am not as clever as the Original Peoples and other  painters who use this technique

I like it though

Now, it's up to you to think of something that you and the other natives of your region/town/suburb/country do that can be represented on a square card.....

Scroll down to the Linky on the post under this one

You still have three weeks to go to make a card and enter it.........

04 July 2016

July Challenge #59: Go Native with a twist to make a square card!

Well, Hello again! It was just a few days ago we were in June and now look at what has happened! 

Don't know about you, but life has been full of surprises lately - and Australia got one yesterday. Don't know if you are aware, but we voted Saturday for a new Federal government. It is compulsory to vote in Australia - so there are a few donkey voters, but apart from them, about 97% of us go to the polling booths, and put in our two pennies worth about who should represent us in Canberra. One of the most important things to decide is which polling booth to attend, as you need to select the one that has a pretty good sausage sizzle going - has to be an upside to waiting in line - and where the parking is not too bad. We got in to our local church hall about midday, ate a sausage in white bread, waited about 20 minutes, voted (the size of that Senate paper, eh!) and left after exchanging Hello's with neighbours and friends. Then all we had to do was wait to see who would be leading us for another four years - and suffer some indigestion from the sausage (or was it the white bread?)

Usually by 9.00 pm we have an idea of the leader and go to bed either grumpy or happy, depending on who gets the majority vote. Well, last night I went to bed at 1.00 am still no wiser and here we are today, still with a deadlocked government. The voter's are always right - perhaps we are trying to tell the politicians to just get on with it and do their jobs and learn to get along instead of scrapping and shouting and losing tempers and in general behaving like naughty children. Now, that's a thought.........

On with July's  CARD challenge!
Yes, this month we want card's only please

Theme: Go Native

TWIST "It's hip to be square"

So, anything that represents what it is to be a native of your country - sport, cultural, spiritual, political, past or present, floral or animal...........

The twist is to make a square card!

The prize on offer - Embossing folder plus sequins

My small Design Team of amazing talented crafters have come up with some wonderful ideas to inspire you. 

This week we say goodbye to Berina: thanks for all your work Berina and we wish you well in your soon-to-be-very-busy future,  and welcome a new team member -  

You may know Vicki by her Avitar

Vicki says: "I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and four children. I have been crafting in one format or another for as long as I can remember. I started my blog to share my (many) creations."

july 2016 DT 3 (640x602)
For this challenge I have gone with the unofficial colours of green and gold (yellow) for Australia.

A square card using the colours of the flag of my native country.....the UK.

Fishing is an extremely popular West Australian pastime. My family are all mad keen fisher people.

I do love a pun......

So, off you go and start going native with a card!
You can link it up at the Linky thing below and have a month to get your project in. Remember, you can enter more than once, but NO STAMPS please.