28 September 2020


Hi Peeps!

Final week for the September Challenge

Rise of the Pheonix

TWIST - use an  Embossing Folder

Normal prize and DT Favorite

This final piece of DT inspiration comes to us from CG

She has taken the theme of rising from the ashes and 
applied it to an old card - it has been reserected.
Go to her blog page to read all about it!

CG-Says (Something Loudly)

Love all those rich colours too!

Remember, you have until Friday night 12 midnight AEST

No stamps please

21 September 2020

Week 3: September#104 - the Phoenix or Rising from the Ashes

 ....and the TWIST is to use an embossing folder somewhere. 

Hello friends.....here's hoping you are all fit and well. Time to take a strangle hold to that nasty old virus and choke it off. Stay socially distance, wash your hands and wear your masks (properly)!

There are a few new idea's for you today
to get you inspired and creating.

Remember - NO STAMPS please

Remember that embossing folder? 
I always loved that one!

You have two weeks left to enter the challenge......

14 September 2020

Week 2 of September Challenge and Winner's from August!

 Hi folks - time to announce our August winners and bring you some more inspiration for the current challenge. There seems to be a bit of a frightening shudder about this one, so I have some things to encourage you to have a go.......

There seems to be a bit of fear around the idea of a phoenix rising......

The theme is really about coming back from adversity...
so, someone might have been ill, survived an accident, come through a rough year,
passed an exam under difficult circumstances.....

......mostly it is that they have survived!

There are lots of images of the phoenix on FB and Pinterest to get you started
if you want to be linear about this and use a Phoenix
(but there is not need to do that).

You can just make something that is about the idea of winning through the tough times 
and being strong.

A breast cancer card is a good one or a get well card after an operation - especially if it has been an operation that is unexpected. These days it could be recovering from COVID19!

Firstly the August Winners

Random Number

No 17: WendyLynne

DT Favorites

2. Fatima: Pink Clover

18. Crafty Nomad

Congratulations to you all

Remember, no prize for the DT Favorite but there is a blinkie if you would like it

Random Number has a prize - please contact me 


Now, for the current challenge

Remember, it is the theme of the Phoenix or Rising from the Ashes
with a TWIST of using an embossing folder in your work. in this inspiration piece.
There is no TWIST in this next piece - I forgot!


This is a hand drawing if you couldn't tell

This is beautiful!

REMEMBER: no stamps


There are three weeks left to have a go at this!

07 September 2020

Week One for September Challenge#104: Phoenix (rising from the ashes) TWIST use an embossing folder

 Well Hello peeps!

Welcome to the first Monday in September! I hope you are all doing well and keeping clear of that nasty old virus. It is Springtime here and we are enjoying sunshine and warmth as well as winds and snow. We are feeling hopeful though - and our island has no COVID19. we feel like we are coming out of adversity ....a bit like the Pheonix really, rising from the fire and ashes. 

'Golden Hour' over the Southwest National Park , Tasmania
Thanks to Benjamin Alldridge.

You know, I set these challenges back in January - well before we had heard of the pandemic and each month the challenge titles seem more prophetic. There is a lot of hardship out there and a lot of people suffering but I know from history that we will rise again from this. We don't know in what shape or condition but we will be OK in the end. 

So, let's see what you can produce with a theme of rising from adversity like a phoenix and don't forget to use the TWIST of an embossing folder somewhere in your work.

There is the normal prize available 

$15 Aust

You have four weeks to entr

Here are two of the DT's Inspiration Pieces


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