22 February 2021

last Week of Challenge #108: Anything Goes

 Hi Peeps - hope all of you are feeling fine and dandy and crafting up a storm. From the look of the entry numbers this month, it seems people are feeling quite crafty and clever! Still, we had one that used a stamp - please don't use stamps as this challenge is not using stamps! Several of the blogs I cannot get to to comment - cannot belong to everything out there! If you didn't get a comment it is not because your work was not seen and appreciated but because we could not comment on it. 

Hope none of you got FACEDBOOKED this week either - talk about being a bit heavy handed.  Might backfire on the 'fairness' rule.........anyway, if your work is on FB we will usually be able to see it and comment so no worries. 

The challenge and the TWIST for this month is 

Challenge 108#: ANYTHING GOES

I made several things - I got all excited seeing people busting their stash so had a go at a stash-buster myself; and then recycled some things while supposedly tidying up! You can read all about it over at my blog........

Two for the price of one!

Tag recycling

Card as a Stash Buster!

You have five days to get something in to the challenge - just scroll down to the first posting for February and see the link.

See you there!

15 February 2021

Challenge#108: Anything Goes - two weeks to go!

Hello Peeps

Strange times indeed.....

In to the third week of the challenge and it looks as if we have quite a few entries 
to date....you have to be in it to win it!

There is a random number prize
and of course the honour and glory of being DT favorite(s)

So, what is the challenge?

The challenge and the TWIST for this month is 

Challenge 108#: ANYTHING GOES

So, let us see what you can make - remember - NO STAMPS!

Some further inspiration to get your mind working
on making something without using a stamp is here:

08 February 2021

Week Two of Anything Goes!

 Hello Peeps!

Hope all OK and making plans to get that jab!

We are well into summer here and it has rained and been overcast for at least one part of the day for a few weeks! My tomatoes are still getting ripe though. 

Cat's are sort of friends but Weasley is not doing so well - he is not using his litter tray properly and growls at poor Bingo sometimes. I have tried to make him feel still well loved but it is taking time.

The challenge and the TWIST for this month is 

Challenge 108#: ANYTHING GOES

so here is a bit of multi-media I managed to create late last year using water paints, Posca pens and inks

I was copying an idea created by someone else in the land of Pinterest.......

Mine is called "The Night Lights".....

I think I might frame this

Remember, there is a random number prize available and DT Favorite is chosen as well

Scroll down to week one to enter.....scrapping, cards, multimedia, journalling....3D stuff

01 February 2021

February Challenge #108: Anything Goes!

 Hello Peeps - Welcome back!


I hope your 2021 is going much better than the last

Get that jab!

A breathtaking sunrise over Wineglass Bay and the Freycinet Peninsula from the summit of Mt Amos thanks to Luke Tscharke from 
Beauty of Tasmania

We have had a hectic start so this month is 




If I have time I will add something else later....

However, this is why I have been soooo busy

Day 3 of Bingo with us
He is 8 weeks old here - Weasley is not impressed

Day 14
Nearly Best Buds!

Bingo was nearly Harry but he had been called Bingo from 1 day old so 
we kept it for him. He is just so energetic and such a play mate for my beautiful big ginger boy!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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