17 September 2018

Can you believe it? No, neither can I......

....not one entry yet in the September challenge as I write this post. And there is a prize and everything!

What is the challenge?

#83 Button Art 

plus washi tape for twist

So what is stopping you all?

Creating something using a button is quite simple really
You can use it as a flower, or a flower centre; as a head of a character; as the body of a character; as an abstract decoration; as the button on a garment; as wheels on a vehicle......

You don't have to make a card but you certainly can make a card
The DT work for this week:

Susan made some Christmas Tags

Vicki made a card

How stinkin' cute is that!

What are you all waiting for?

10 September 2018

Winners Post for August and Button's Challenge!

Hello Peeps!

Hope you are all wonderful and thoroughly enjoying good crafting times! I had a crafting meeting with friends on Friday and came home very inspired. Talking about inspired, how does this beautiful photograph of the fence outside Government House and the view beyond seem to you? I think it would make a fabulous watercolour painting and has me almost inspired enough to get my paints out again!

This is looking southwards, down the river and over to Bellerive. Wonderful.

A magic view over Hobart and the River Derwent from Government House.

However, we need to concentrate on the purpose of the post!

Which is to announce the winner of the random number selection from last month's entries.....


Number 1: CraftyScot

Congratulations Donna!
Love those little thongs (flip flops)

The DT Favorite is

No 2: Cre-aartje

Congratulations to all!

September has started with no entries yet........
Here is the challenge

#83 Button Art plus washi tape for twist


Stamps, dies and EFolder

What is button art?
Just go to Pinterest and put in "Button Art" and you will know!!

You an use a few buttons or many buttons on your project
This lends itself to flowers, to mixed media fanatics and to anyone who likes to work outside the square....

How many of you have an amazing collection of buttons AND washi tape just sitting in their stash? 
Now it's a chance to lessen the load.....

Here are a few samples or work to get you started

Why not be the first to enter!

03 September 2018

September has Arrived!

Hello Peeps - how was your August? We had a wintery one but it was still a little too warm for a real winter - now Spring has sprung and there is blossom everywhere and spring flowers too. The smells are divine!

A splash of colour on the way to Knyvet Falls in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park thanks to Sven Mason.

The challenge for September is

#83 Button Art plus washi tape for twist


Stamps, dies and EFolder

What is button art?
Just go to Pinterest and put in "Button Art" and you will know!!

How many of you have an amazing collection of buttons just sitting in the stash? 
I know I have - and it grows all the time
Don't get me started on the growing collection of washi tape either.......

So, time to use some of them in a Button Art project!
Remember, your project can be a card, or anything else you make that is paper based
It can be simple or complex, depending on where you are as a crafter......

We have several cards from the Design Team to get you started - 

You have a month to enter (rules are listed above)
Remember - NO STAMPS please

27 August 2018

Challenge#84: Final Week of August

Hello Peeps, Welcome to the last week of August and the last chance to get something made for the August challenge.

Challenge#84: Emboss, emboss, emboss........

The TWIST is to make it for a male!

The Random Number Draw prize will be Stampin' Up's 


I have one last piece to show for the month to inspire you into the crafting space!

A recycled product box into a gift box using Flashing Tape.

You can go HERE for more details.

Finally a piece of Tasmania in winter.......

There's no time like snow time in the stunning Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park 💙

20 August 2018

Midway through August!

Another year rushing by - I have just been to a Birthday Party for a 100 yo lady - mother of a friend. Happy Birthday Kathleen - Kath sang to us today "Daisy, Daisy, give me you're answer do...." : she knew all the words, sang clearly and in tune and right on the note! She must have had a lovely voice when she was younger.

Of course we sang to her as well - and she thoroughly enjoyed all the attention! She faded a bit towards the end and wanted to "go home" to her room but she did an amazing job and looked lovely.

She had a letter/card from the queen congratulating her, with a photo of HM and was so proud of it!

On a different note, the weather here in sunny Tasmania has been both warm and cold. We have had some snow and are expecting more  - and some rain which was great to get. Other than that it has been warm, sunny and calm - not three words you associate with winter at all!

Just to prove the snow

First time up at Ben lomond. Temporarily stuck but loving it ☃️☃️

(The Ben is a mountain in the north of the state.)

Now on to a piece I made for the Unstampabelle's current challenge.
Inspired by the icy blue of the photograph above!

Remember, the challenge is to Emboss, Emboss, Emboss
The TWIST is to make it a male oriented piece

I made a tag - I used the scrap pieces from the first week and added another top.
You can see details HERE

 And just to prove the bit about the sunshine - wattle balls of fluff in the garden with a blue sky behind, taken several days ago.....

13 August 2018

July Winner's

Before I begin, can I just apologize to the winners for the last couple of months - the prizes are coming; they just need to be posted ! I need to get a couple of snail mail address addresses too: I have no excuse - just have not got them done.

The July winner for the random number draw is

Please send me your snail mail address Plony to

Now, the DT favorite(s)
A very difficult one to choose indeed with all the fabulous entries but in no particular order

No 3: VREnchanted

Congratulations to all!

If you would like me to you a badge to put it on your blog, acknowledging your status as a DT Favorite, please send me an email.

There is a current challenge running

 Emboss, emboss, emboss........

The TWIST is to make it for a male!

The Random Number Draw prize will be Stampin' Up's 


We have some more stuff to inspire you

Let's see what you can come up with as well

Scroll down to the Linky!

06 August 2018

Challenge#84: Emboss, emboss, emboss........

The TWIST is to make it for a male!

The Random Number Draw prize will be Stampin' Up's 


The Design Team have cooked up a storm for you today

That's it for now - see you next week!
You can add your entry to the linky below the beach photo!
Some more inspiration to draw you to the craft desk - or the travel agent!!!
A winter's day in Tasmania

The magic of Friendly Beaches thanks to Naomi Sherman from Blue Rust Images who says:

How stunning is this? Friendly Beaches on Tasmania's beautiful East Coast. One of the few places where you can walk for hours with only your own footprints for company.


30 July 2018

No Challenge until August 7th!

Remember, we don't start the new challenge until next week!

A final look at an edgy edge on the edge of the world...........

The fascinating dolerite rock formations at Bruny Island’s Mars Bluff include a mystical archway that might just be a portal to another world. Mars Bluff lies at the northern end of Adventure Bay, and is a favourite feature of the 12 km return day-walk to Cape Queen Elizabeth.

More info:

22 July 2018

Final Week to Get Edgy!

Hello Peeps!  You still have a few more days to enter this current challenge - 5 to be exact. Remember, please


Unfortunately we have had to disqualify several to date because they used stamps.
If there card/paper has writing on it and it is not from a stamp, it would be good to mention it in your journalling as we then have to ask and people can get offended. 

So,m what do you have to do?
Create something and include a ............

Fancy Frame or Border

Twist - How edgy can you be?

Prize (random number draw)
Dies and Embossing folder (+ magazine)

We have several more items to share to get you engaged:

How many edges did CG get in this one item? 

A tag.

So, there you have it
You can enter by going HERE and scrolling down.

Want to see another
pretty picture?

How's that for a border?
Pretty edgy I think!

It's down on the south eastern coast line, near Port Arthur. You are looking towards Antartica....

Remarkable Cave

Not my photo but I have lost the name of the photographer - sorry.

16 July 2018

Midway through July's challenge: #81: Edges and/or Borders

How edgy can you be with your work? That is the twist in this month's challenge. Dos that mean putting an edge onto your work or being a trifle 'out-there' with it? Up to you to interpret! Don't forgwt to say in your blog what you are about!

There are two weeks to go for the challenge and we already have a great collection of entries - well done to all those clever crafters who have entered! We have some more inspiration to get your creative juices flowing ......but before I show you those, I have another great Tasmania photo to share!

Now, there's an edge.......

A truly spectacular sunset from Moulting Lagoon Game Reserve lookout.

You can make a card, a tag, scrap a page or two, make an off the page item.....collage, recycled, mixed media,whatever you wish as long as it is paper based and has no stamps (either digital or rubber)used in making it.

Here is some DT work to help you get started