18 March 2019

Week 3 March Challenge: #87 Makes for Men and Boys

Positive Thoughts to New Zealand

This is not us.
We stand with you in sorrow.

(PS I want your PM!)

The challenge this month is to create something for the males in your life.

The TWIST for this is to 
add a staple (or two) or a peg or maybe both......

The Random Number prize is on again

 Another $15 Gift Voucher 
(via PayPal or direct to on-line store, whichever suits)

The Design Team have created some amazing bits of inspiration for you
These showcase what you can do without using a stamp!
They also show how to incorporate the TWIST into your work. 

Don't forget to let the DT know you like their work!

Remember, you have two weeks to enter
and you can find the Linky 

(scroll down to it)

A home grown sunset on Friday night

This one was taken by me at Geilston Bay, Tasmania; too pretty to ignore!

11 March 2019

Week Two in March: Challenge#87 - One for the Men and Boyz

Hello Peeps -welcome to the February Winner's Post!
How much of a winner would you feel to be standing here in Tasmania?

Annie Ford taking in the magnificent scenery from the summit of Mt Anne.

Annie says: “When you sit out here and the weather breaks - and it’s calm and beautiful, there’s a strange thing that happens to you. You begin to sense your own minuteness and the shortness of life, and yet at the same time - in a split second - you sense the entirety of the universe around you 

So, who did win the February challenge Random Number Prize?

Congratulations Gail

There are also some Design Team Favorites to be acknowledged.
Remember - if you want to be considered for this, you should try and have a go at the TWIST too!

This is an amazing exploding box!

This month we have another exciting challenge for you

One for the Men and Boys
TWIST: add a staple or a peg (or both)

 Another $15 Gift Voucher 
(via PayPal or direct to on-line store, whichever suits)

The amazing Design Team have done it again!

Keti (using some stamples for a twist - hope it shows on the photos - front and inside)

Money wallet for a gift

Why not go and give them some love for their work!

You can also see how the items were made....

There are three weeks left to enter but when you are ready you can enter......

(Don't forget to have a go at the TWIST too!)

Scroll down to the Linky!

04 March 2019

March....time for the men: Challenge #87

Well, here we are in March. How Autumnal is it around you? Or is it springing into Spring?

Despite being Autumn we in Hobart experienced our highest ever temperature for March and one of the highest ever including in summer with the mercury reaching 39.7 degrees on Saturday.

The gardens did remarkably well considering and I have been making tomato relish and freezing vegies as well as trying to eat as much as possible. I must say I didn't grow these as I am currently looking after a friends garden and that includes picking the produce!

Needless to say others went swimming!

WOW... a stunning capture from Jetty Beach camping ground on Bruny Island thanks to Scott Ricketts from Your Sydney Guide.

So, what is March's new Challenge?

Makes for Men and Boys 
TWIST Use a Staple or a Peg - or both

Male focused items. I always need these.

The Random Number entrant winner will get a

 $15 Gift Voucher 
(via PayPal or direct to on-line store, whichever suits)

As usual the Design Team have some goodies to share to get the creative juices flowing:

Wine bottle gift tags
Spot the staples!

Remember it does not have to be a a card but it must not have any stamping involved.

So, Linky is below - just add your creation--you have four weeks to come up with something!

25 February 2019

Last Week of February's Challenge: Bright and Cheerful!

#86:Simply Bright and Cheerful 
TWIST Arty Creations Appreciated

You have five day's left to enter!
Challenge finishes on the 1st March at midnight AEST

Hope you are all feeling fine! 
Here is a morning sunrise to add to your happiness

Amazing photos from Wineglass Bay as the sun rises covering the Freycinet Peninsula in golden light thanks to Denham and Annie Thompson 

Now that you are all energized.....

There will be a prize for this month
 $15 Gift Voucher 
(via PayPal or direct to on-line store, whichever suits)

Remember also, we pick a DT favorite (or favorites) each month 
and this has a badge that you can get to display on your blog. 

This week we introduce two new Design Team Members 
The first one is 

Hi all...excited to be joining the team.

I am from Johannesburg, South Africa, married and a mom. I've been scrapping since 2003. I also do quilling which I started in 2001. I showcase all my work on my blog http://whatsupwithcathy.blogspot.com/ as well as instagram https://www.instagram.com/cathquillscrap/

Hot foiling the sentiment

Connie Can Crop

Hello ladies! I'm Connie and I am thrilled to be joining you this year! I come to you from Sunny Southern California, USA. I have been married for almost 22 years and have 2 grown boys and 3 cats!! I am a crazy cat lady and would love to have more! LOL! 

I have been crafting my entire life! But am mostly a scrapbooker since high school! You can find me hanging out at Miss Kate Cuttables, I have been on her Design team for about 4 years and love it! Some of you may  also have seen me around the Paper Playful Registry.

Well, there you have the full team now - we are off and running for a great 2019 of challenges.

Let us see how you can create something that is 


You can enter HERE by scrolling to the linky!

18 February 2019

Midway Through the month:

After the storm at Woodbridge

by Tasmanian photographer Katy Morgan

Those colours are just so splendid!

How are you going with Bright and Cheerful?
There are so many gorgeous entries so far - obviously this one has hit a nerve.

Remember - it does not have to be a Valentines card/gift
Just as long as it is Bright and Cheerful and the TWIST is to be a bit Arty!

It also does not have to be a card - as long as there is no stamp involved.

There will be a prize for this month
 $15 Gift Voucher 
(via PayPal or direct to on-line store, whichever suits)

There are four pieces of inspiration at this point in the month 


Look at that fold - and she made it with a baby strapped to her!!!

Simple scrap page

Love all the colour here

Love sunflowers - so happy!

There you go -inspiration to give you an idea of where to go

You can scroll down to HERE to find the Linky for your entry

11 February 2019

Second Week of Challenge#86: Simply Bright and Cheerful....

The TWIST for this is remember ........ Arty Creations Appreciated

For example, I love this one from Google Images

Image result for arty creations

and this one

Image result for arty creations

..or this one...

Image result for arty creations

...or this...

Image result for arty creations

This is just my taste - the rest of the team probably have other ideas about what is ARTY...
It is very personal.

However, the twist does not have to be something to avoid - it can be something to embrace!
Unleash your inner artist!

You don't have to follow the TWIST to enter the challenge 


you have a greater chance of winning the DT's approval if you do!

The Random Number prize will still apply 
to anyone who follows the theme and does not use stamps in their creation -
and for this month it is:

 A $15 Gift Voucher 
(via PayPal or direct to on-line store, whichever suits)

It is usual at this time to announce the winner(s) from last month but as we have already done that for December, we will move on to the DT's inspiration.

The Design Team have created again for your enjoyment and this time we will introduce several more new members:

I'm definitely what one could consider a crafting junkie! I love making cards (I'm a rubber girl but do dabble in digis), 3-D projects- especially paper shoes and gift bags, mixed media projects, altering an occasional tin and box, as well as beading and making jewelry occasionally when I find the time! Fortunately, hubby is very supportive! Life is good! :D

Deanne returns for another year of greatness!

Mini Gift Bag with Tag for money or gift card or small present

and another newbie

I enjoy creating. Since I have my corner in my room in a new apartment, I spend a lot of spare time at the table and try new things. I'm near CAS style. From April 2017, I am also a Sizzix promoter. I really enjoy this. I am a lawyer in the profession, but I hope that most of this will not count as a minus ;-) You can also monitor my creative projects at the FB.

There you have it for this week
Don't forget to link up you piece of goodness in the week one post below!
See you next week!

04 February 2019

First Challenge for 2019 - #86: Simply Bright and Cheerful

Welcome to 2019 at Unstampabelles!
There are a few more Belles this year and I will be introducing them throughout the month; however, the rules are the same!

NO STAMPS please and follow all the other rules listed in the page above called Challenge Rules!

#86:Simply Bright and Cheerful 
TWIST Arty Creations Appreciated
Could be for Valentines or for any special occasion

There will be a prize for this month
I will offer a $15 Gift Voucher 
(via PayPal or direct to on-line store, whichever suits)

Remember also, we pick a DT favorite (or favorites) each month 
and this has a badge that you can get to display on your blog. 

On to the first of our new Design Team members

Here is a bt more about Monika

Hi there.
My name is Monika. I run a blog: http://cohenna.com 
I love cards with all the flowers. I do all flowers myself, then they are unique. 
Card is charming and a little bit romantic.
Privately I'm a wife and mother of two urchins.
 I live in a small village in Poland. Craft is my passion and a way to relax.

My current and past DT: 


Now on to some more inspiration from other DT members who have all had
 a bit of a break and are raring to go!

Let's see what you can come up with using this theme and being a bit ARTY!

Don't forget - you cannot use stamps!

Please link up your wonderful creation below: