22 July 2019

Stencil Play and Sprays - part 4

Hello Peeps -hope all is well in your worlds. 

The current challenge for July is still running....

Stunning Stencil Play

with a TWIST of using some sprays

There is a prize
$15 au Gift Voucher

The Design Team have created some amazing cards for your delight and inspiration!


Let's see what you can create - you have five days to get an entry in to win prize!

Rainbow Cloud' spotted over Hobart this week 
This rare phenomenon is known as 'Cloud Iridescence' and happens when sunlight passes through thin, high clouds made of tiny water droplets.

15 July 2019

Midway through July - Challenge#91: Stunning Stencil Play

Hello Peeps!

This months challenge is.......

#91: Stunning Stencil Play

This month, the TWIST is to try and use spays in your work 

Remember - you don't have to do the TWIST to enter BUT NO STAMPS please. 

$15 au Gift Voucher

The Design Team have done it again - created some gorgeous and amazing bits for you to be inspired by!

While we have two cards and a scrap page, remember you can do anything creative with paper. 

You have two weeks to enter. 
Just scroll below and find the linky at the beginning of July. 

08 July 2019

June Winners and July's Challenge#92

Hello Peeps - welcome to Week Two of the July challenge and to the announcement of the winners for June. Without further ado - here they are:

Random Number winner for June was

DT Favorite this month was 

Congratulations to the two winners. 

Remember, the July challenge is

Challenge #91: Stunning Stencil Play

the TWIST is to try and use spays in your work 

$15 au Gift Voucher

If you look at last week there is a lot of ways you can approach this challenge. 

The Design Team have shaken those tail feathers and had a go too

There you are. What are you making?

See you soon!

Here is another beautiful place in Tasmania

A magical view from Bridal Veil Falls thanks to Constance who says:

"Spent the day hiding behind waterfalls." 

Bridal Veil Falls is a picturesque 2.5 hour walk from Lemonthyme Wilderness Retreat, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania at Moina

01 July 2019

July Challenge #91: Stunning Stencil Play

This month, the TWIST is to try and use spays in your work 

Stunning Stencil Play

What does this entail, I hear you ask?

Related image

I am sure many of you have stencils hidden away somewhere but if you really don't have any, lots of things can be used instead as a stencil.

die cuts
children's toy shapes
wooden words and shapes
negatives from dies and punches

I have so many stencils that go back to the old ruler from school with the letters of the alphabet and numbers on it, through which you could trace out words and make headings on your project books.
I have old metal ones - they can also now be used with the Big Shot for embossing!
I have old plastic ones containing so many images on an A4 0r A5 sheet - based around theme such as Animals or the Sea.
I also have a lot of new ones purchased when I first came into contact with mixed media work and started to play with paints and inks.

There are so many excellent YouTubes out there on using a stencil in your work 
- just go to YouTube and enter Using Stencils

Pinterest.....oh boy!

Using a tree stencil, spray ink colors over top - love this color combination.

What can you not do with Tim Holtz and Stencils and Sprays .......
and Tim is not the only one!

So - let's get going and see what we can make!

The Design Team have some inspiration to get you started. 


Experimental Journal page

Remember, you are not restricted to a card in this challenge!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!
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24 June 2019

Stained Glass Technique

Hi Everyone!

Last week for the June challenge

Stained Glass Techniques using Dies 
 TWIST Use some Glitter
(yes, it get's everywhere - we know)

Random Number Draw prize:
$15 Aus at shop of your choice or through PayPal.

This week the Design Team all had a similar idea and 
all implemented it in a different way!

Three different techniques to make a Stained Glass background!

Visit our blogs to see how we went about it!

You have five days left enter!

17 June 2019

Stained Glass and Glitter - what a combo!

Hi Peeps!

What a lovely start to this week we have had - blue skies,sunshine and Dark Mofo!
What's not to like, especially after an earlier cold break with snow!

Here is a view from the top of the mountain of Hobart.....

My bay is the one on the right hand side edge - you can see some fuel containers on this side of the river - we are on the other side and see them too!
A beautiful view from one of the lookouts on the summit of kunanyi/Mt Wellington thanks to Mawson Sheepskin & Opals who says:
Snow! It’s getting frosty in Tassie up at kunanyi/Mt Wellington!

It's the middle way of our current challenge

Stained Glass Techniques using Dies 
 TWIST Use some Glitter
(yes, it get's everywhere - we know)

Random Number Draw prize:
$15 Aus at shop of your choice or through PayPal.

Some amazing inspiration for you this week

Please fo to the Design Team crafters and leave them some love so that they know you have visited.

You have two weeks to enter!

10 June 2019

Happy Birthday Mrs Queen.

It has been a wee bit cold here lately and some snow fell on the mountains

Walking through a magical scene on kunanyi/Mt Wellington thanks to Grace Wherrett.

Thinking warmer thoughts, apparently this weekend is the official birthday - as apposed to the actual birthday - of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. As such, we in Tasmania are enjoying a long-weekend. Apparently we are not a Republic yet; who knew!  I will take a day off (well, it would be better if I was at work and got a day off; when every day is a day off, it doesn't feel the same) anytime.

Maybe some day soon this long weekend can be to celebrate us becoming a Republic! Not that I have anything against the Queen of Britain -she is a trojan, that is for sure. But she is not my Queen. It is all very strange........

Anyway, Happy Birthday Queenie......

Hope the Trooping of the Colours went well. 

Today is also the beginning of the second week of our latest challenge

Stained Glass Techniques using Dies 
 TWIST Use some Glitter

Random Number Draw prize:
$15 Aus at shop of your choice or through PayPal.

Oh yes, I forgot.....we are announcing the winner's of the May Challenge too........

Random Number winner for May

Random Number draw:  13 Carol Gill

Congratulations Carol, I did send you an email - but can you contact me please

The DT Favorites for this week  are:

Image may contain: 2 people

Congratulations to both.

There are two more pieces of inspiration to get you going - don't forget to visit the DT and let them know you appreciate their work.

How is that for stunning?

Happy Crafting!

03 June 2019

June Challenge #90: Stained Glass using Dies TWIST Use some Glitter

Do you ever have those periods when you think you have a lot of time to complete something and then discover that other things come between you and completion? Yep, me too.

A breathtaking photo from the Overland Track, in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, thanks to Cam Blake from Tasmanian Photography Workshops 

Hello Peeps - hope that your crafting time is productive and often. We have hit winter in the southern climes and the first day was a beautiful blue sky day and quite warm - go figure. This was preceeded by a week of cold weather and snow on the mountains. Today is coldish and RAINING - isn't that good! Not heavy, just a good drizzle. Great for the garden. If you are in the South - keep warm.

If you are in the Northern half of this globe - welcome to Summer and heatwaves! Keep cool and dry.

On with Challenge #90
Stained Glass Techniques using Dies 
 TWIST Use some Glitter

This technique with dies is an oldie and a goodie and gives lovely effects .....

This is what the marvelous and inventive DT came up with!


Let's see what you can make. 

Forgot to add - yes, there is a prize for random draw

$15 Aus at shop of your choice or through PayPal.

If you go to Jennifer McGuire : she has a few ideas that you can adjust for dies rather than stamps

Lets see how you go making something using a die and the stained glass idea - 
the TWIST to use glitter is up to you but it certainly makes a great look!

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27 May 2019

Final May Week for Challenge #89

Hello Peeps - hope that the week has flown on wings of angels and therefore you are all at peace and creative as .......

One more week to go for this current challenge

The theme is
To Have and to Hold

 based around a
#or just loving thoughts between two people


You don't have to do the TWIST to enter

There is a random number winner so if you want this you have to enter!

$15.00 Au

There are yet more bits of inspiration for you all

Please leave the DT some love on their blogs too

You have until midnight on Friday to enter.

Best of Luck!

20 May 2019

Week Three of the May Challenge: #89 To Have and to Hold......TWIST--Art Deco

Hello Peeps.....hope you are all travelling well?

Week 3 of the challenge
There are only a few entries to date
Must be waiting for now to enter!

Remember - the theme is
To Have and to Hold

 based around a
#or just loving thoughts between two people


You don't have to do the TWIST to enter
BUT ..... what is a challenge without a CHALLENGE!

What is Art Deco all about?

Scroll down to week one and read all about it!

The Design Team have a few bits of inspiration

(OMG - what a box!)

I  only decorated a small pizza box

Let's see what you can do now......

There is a prize, of course, for the random number draw:
$15.00 Au

Before I go just cannot resist bragging a little.....

My second eldest Granddaughter is currently back temporarily with the 
NZ Army Band as their singer for a very special gig.

They were in Italy. 

They were at Monte Cassino at the Commonwealth Grave site 

That's her - Hettie Rose or Private Adams!