20 May 2019

Week Three of the May Challenge: #89 To Have and to Hold......TWIST--Art Deco

Hello Peeps.....hope you are all travelling well?

Week 3 of the challenge
There are only a few entries to date
Must be waiting for now to enter!

Remember - the theme is
To Have and to Hold

 based around a
#or just loving thoughts between two people


You don't have to do the TWIST to enter
BUT ..... what is a challenge without a CHALLENGE!

What is Art Deco all about?

Scroll down to week one and read all about it!

The Design Team have a few bits of inspiration

(OMG - what a box!)

I  only decorated a small pizza box

Let's see what you can do now......

There is a prize, of course, for the random number draw:
$15.00 Au

Before I go just cannot resist bragging a little.....

My second eldest Granddaughter is currently back temporarily with the 
NZ Army Band as their singer for a very special gig.

They were in Italy. 

They were at Monte Cassino at the Commonwealth Grave site 

That's her - Hettie Rose or Private Adams!

13 May 2019

April's Winners

Hello Peeps,
Happy Mother's Day!

Hope all you Mums and Moms and Mothers had a lovely time over the past weekend!

I am the Mum of a Fur Baby - he nibbled my feet at 4.30 am in the morning, does that count as saying Happy Mother's day? He weighs 5 kilo's and I was trying to move him off my feet at the time!

Weasley - he is 19 month's old and a character!

I am also a step-Mum and I got a lovely gift and card, plus the joy of watching my eldest grandddaughter play soccer today - while all the Mum's drank champagne and ate lovely nibbles in the sun while watching the game!

Well,  guess who won the random draw?

The DT Favorite 

So, the current Challenge is 

"To Have and To Hold"

What better way to do that than with some glamour. 

So the TWIST this month is 
To use some ART DECO Glamour!

Remember, you don't have to do the TWIST to enter
BUT ..... what is a challenge without a CHALLENGE!

What is Art Deco all about?

Scroll down and read all about it!

There is a prize, of course, for the random number draw:

Some DT work to inspire you

the back

There you go - only one entry so far: you need to be in it to win the random number prize 
or be selected for the DT Favorite!

Scroll down and enter!!!

06 May 2019

May Challenge#89: To Have and to Hold - TWIST: Art Deco style!

Hello Peeps! 

Happy May
Autumnal mornings...

Sunrise over Mt Oakleigh from Pelion Hut on Tasmania’s iconic Overland Track thanks to Sven Mason.

This is often the month of engagements and marriages and Spring
 in the Northern Hemisphere!

For us in the Southern half, not so much......

However, there are always folks getting Engaged, Married 
or Celebrating a Wedding Anniversary!

So, the Challenge is 

"To Have and To Hold"

What better way to do that than with some glamour. 

So the TWIST this month is 
To use some ART DECO Glamour!

Remember, you don't have to do the TWIST to enter
BUT ..... what is a challenge without a CHALLENGE!

What is Art Deco all about?
It is about STYLE!

It started about the 1920's and finished in the 40's. Based around geometric designs and patterns it was incorporated into buildings,manufacturing, clothing, furnishings and furniture and jewellery. It also was a big part of Art, as well as Crafts.

It was build through Art Nouveau and it's sinuous curves, but was more fixated on smooth lines, geometric shapes, streamlined forms and bright, sometimes garish colours. It also incorporated lots of costly items such as gold and silver and jewels but after the depression of the 30's it began to use cheaper, newer materials like plastic and chrome.

There are lots of images to be seen in Google Images and lots of things on Pinterest as well, but don't just look for cards - look for items and boxes and materials and clothing......you will get so much inspiration!

HERE is a good place to start for ideas!

So - you can go to town in the TWIST!

Random Number Prize

$15AU Gift Voucher

The Design Team have created some beautiful works for you to enjoy so why not go to their blogs and leave some love for them!


Let us see how you interpret the challenge and if you are game to make a go for the TWIST too!

You can enter here and have a month to get something up!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!
Click here to enter

22 April 2019

Final Post for April and those Krazy Kritters

Hello Peeps

Happy Easter
- hope the holiday was fun and full of chocolate!

Image result for easter

We are having a beautiful autumn at present and so Easter Sunday was balmy, blue and still.

There are still more days in the challenge for this month
Krazy Kritters and a twist of bokeh backgrounds

Remember - no stamps please, even in the sentiments

We have some more inspiration to get you into the crafting mood.....
my amazing DT have produced some fabulous stuff so please go and visit and leave a comment!

How darn cute is this!
Notice that bokeh background too?

The challenge finishes on Friday at midnight!
Scroll down to the beginning of the month to find the linky.

15 April 2019

Midway - again.

Hello Peeps!

Time is flowing quicker the older I get. Soon it will be Easter (for those who celebrate this time) and all those chocolate bunnies and eggs and chickens - and bilbies if you live in Australia - will be consumed along with the yeast buns!

Those who go to church will have been and the sugar stupor will be upon us!

Why not hit the craft room! You never know what a bit of manic crafting 
on a sugar high will produce!

To feed the soul

Bicheno Blowhole

Today's 'Through the Lens' feature showcases 17yo Tasmanian photographer Lily Pursell from Lily Pursell Photography.

To get creative juices flowing - the DT's inspirations!

Remember - the challenge theme is animals (critters or Kritters) and the crazier the better

The twist is to use a bokeh background


You an enter your work HERE

08 April 2019

Winners Post for March!

Hello Peeps - Autumn days are magical, aren't they!

Love that the wave creates a bokeh flavor to this too...

A magical view from Millingtons Beach at Orford thanks to Maree Woolley

Time to announce the winners of the Random Number draw 
and the DT favorites for March's challenge.

Firstly the winner of the $15AU voucher is

The DT Favorites this month are

16: Katrina

What a great use of a stencil

22: Tree Bug

Congratulations fellow crafters!
I will be in touch with badges soon!

Now, what is the challenge for April?

April - Krazy for Kritters 
TWIST Bokeh Backgrounds

There is a Random Number Prize, yes
$15 AU

The Design Team have created up a storm for you this month and here are a few more to show you.
Remember, you do not have to have a bokeh background, but it is fun to make it and see how in enhances your work. AND if you do you are in the mix for DT favorite!

Love Leslie's big white dots on that background

Deanne's beautiful bubbles....

Keti's cute bird

Susan's crazy stencilled jungle.....

How to create your bokeh background is covered in last weeks post so you can go there to gets some tips.
That's also where the linky is for this challenge

Meanwhile, get crafting!
Have a lovely week and see you next Monday.