25 March 2019

Last Week for Challenge #87: For the Men and Boys

Hello Peeps

Well, only a week to go in March - time is marching as always! How is this for a wonderful uplifing shot of wildlife! No discrimination there!

Mum white wallaby and bub brown wallaby at Adventure Bay on Bruny Island thanks to Claire McCormick.

On to some more inspirational pieces to get you inspired to enter
You have five days left!

Used staples on the grey strip that runs across the page.

(are these not soooo cute!!!)

A layout to inspire

Recycling a paper bag for a gift!

Remember, random number draw gets a prize

$15 Gift Voucher 

(via PayPal or direct to on-line store, whichever suits)

See you soon!

18 March 2019

Week 3 March Challenge: #87 Makes for Men and Boys

Positive Thoughts to New Zealand

This is not us.
We stand with you in sorrow.

(PS I want your PM!)

The challenge this month is to create something for the males in your life.

The TWIST for this is to 
add a staple (or two) or a peg or maybe both......

The Random Number prize is on again

 Another $15 Gift Voucher 
(via PayPal or direct to on-line store, whichever suits)

The Design Team have created some amazing bits of inspiration for you
These showcase what you can do without using a stamp!
They also show how to incorporate the TWIST into your work. 

Don't forget to let the DT know you like their work!

Remember, you have two weeks to enter
and you can find the Linky 

(scroll down to it)

A home grown sunset on Friday night

This one was taken by me at Geilston Bay, Tasmania; too pretty to ignore!

11 March 2019

Week Two in March: Challenge#87 - One for the Men and Boyz

Hello Peeps -welcome to the February Winner's Post!
How much of a winner would you feel to be standing here in Tasmania?

Annie Ford taking in the magnificent scenery from the summit of Mt Anne.

Annie says: “When you sit out here and the weather breaks - and it’s calm and beautiful, there’s a strange thing that happens to you. You begin to sense your own minuteness and the shortness of life, and yet at the same time - in a split second - you sense the entirety of the universe around you 

So, who did win the February challenge Random Number Prize?

Congratulations Gail

There are also some Design Team Favorites to be acknowledged.
Remember - if you want to be considered for this, you should try and have a go at the TWIST too!

This is an amazing exploding box!

This month we have another exciting challenge for you

One for the Men and Boys
TWIST: add a staple or a peg (or both)

 Another $15 Gift Voucher 
(via PayPal or direct to on-line store, whichever suits)

The amazing Design Team have done it again!

Keti (using some stamples for a twist - hope it shows on the photos - front and inside)

Money wallet for a gift

Why not go and give them some love for their work!

You can also see how the items were made....

There are three weeks left to enter but when you are ready you can enter......

(Don't forget to have a go at the TWIST too!)

Scroll down to the Linky!

04 March 2019

March....time for the men: Challenge #87

Well, here we are in March. How Autumnal is it around you? Or is it springing into Spring?

Despite being Autumn we in Hobart experienced our highest ever temperature for March and one of the highest ever including in summer with the mercury reaching 39.7 degrees on Saturday.

The gardens did remarkably well considering and I have been making tomato relish and freezing vegies as well as trying to eat as much as possible. I must say I didn't grow these as I am currently looking after a friends garden and that includes picking the produce!

Needless to say others went swimming!

WOW... a stunning capture from Jetty Beach camping ground on Bruny Island thanks to Scott Ricketts from Your Sydney Guide.

So, what is March's new Challenge?

Makes for Men and Boys 
TWIST Use a Staple or a Peg - or both

Male focused items. I always need these.

The Random Number entrant winner will get a

 $15 Gift Voucher 
(via PayPal or direct to on-line store, whichever suits)

As usual the Design Team have some goodies to share to get the creative juices flowing:

Wine bottle gift tags
Spot the staples!

Remember it does not have to be a a card but it must not have any stamping involved.

So, Linky is below - just add your creation--you have four weeks to come up with something!