18 November 2018

Midway Through November's Challenge: #85 Bags, Parcels or Boxes?

Hello Peeps.

It is midway through the month and the new challenge #85 is producing some lovely work.

To remind you again:

 Boxes, Parcels or Bags - TWIST: recycle

The Random Draw prize is this:

To give you some more idea's scroll down and see the last two week's post or 
look at these:

The bags were $1 each in the $2 shop!

If you want to find out more about how they were put together....

We get lot's of visitors to Tasmania
Here is a new one:

Last night’s incredible sunset from Lauderdale beach with the ‘Ocean Monarch’ drilling platform in the bay thanks to Photography By Nikki Long

For the next three months, Tasmania will play host to a drilling platform that featured in the 1998 Hollywood blockbuster Armageddon, 
which starred Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler.

The Ocean Monarch, which has been drilling for gas in the Bass Strait off the east Gippsland coast, has been towed to Hobart for maintenance and minor repairs. The 107-metre-long, 21,000-tonne rig is at the entrance of Ralphs Bay in the River Derwent, where it will remain anchored for 12 weeks.


12 November 2018

October Winners in Week Two for Challenge#85

Week two means we are now officially only six weeks from Christmas! 

Quick - find something calming to look at!

How about this little fellow?
He is a Quoll.......a Spotted Quoll... about the size of a small cat

A beautiful close up of a Spotted-tail Quoll at Devils at Cradle

OK, now I have settled......

Here are the October winners!

Random Number winner: #13 Jennifer


DT Favorite(s)

Had to have two this month as we cold not separate them!


Congratulations to all. I will be in touch re blinkies and Jennifer, I think I have your snail mail but if you can send it anyway - thanks!

Remember, there is a challenge running in November  that will fit your schedules

 Boxes, Parcels or Bags - TWIST: recycle

Recycled gift box


Recycled Gift bag into pillow box

Ingenious work!

So, what are you going to do?

Remember please - NO STAMPS

You can scroll down to last week and enter there. 

05 November 2018

November Challenge #85 launched: Boxes, parcels or bags

 Boxes, Parcels or Bags - TWIST: recycle

Image result for Christmas parcels

How do you present your gifts these days at Christmas time? I have gone away from parcels to swing bags. You can purchased them cheaply at various places OR you can also recycle the ones you are given from various shops which advertise the name of the business to all and sundry as you walk home. 

The TWIST this month is to be thrifty and recycle something when making your box, bag or parcel.

The Random Draw prize is this:

The Design Team have outdone themselves again
Here is the first week's installments!

Recycled MinMax carrier bag with recycled Christmas card and Ribbon with bell

Cannot wait to see what you all produce!

Hopefully something you can use this Christmas!

Something to brighten up your creative week.....

On Saturday we had blue skies and 26 degrees but by Sunday.......

...it was down to 13 max! The wind came and went and so did the sun.......

This morning’s view of our mountain from the Hobart waterfront thanks to Leo.