22 August 2016

Only another week to go for Challenge #60

Hello Peeps! Hope your day is going well. I am travelling fair, thanks. Hard to believe we are in the third week of August isn't it? Still, for us that means travelling into Spring and the spring bulbs and flowers are already everywhere, and there green paddocks, and lambs in said paddocks and birds tweeting.

Old convict buildings set against the rolling green hills at Lovely Banks, visible along the Midland Highway.

Image: www.instagram.com/johnfibbens_artstudio

The stark white dead trees are eucalyptus mostly and the result of the drought we had a couple of years ago, when the water table was thought to have fallen too far for the roots of the trees to reach. It happened all up and down the highway between the two major cities of the island, Hobart and Launceston (pronounced Hoh Bart and L-on-ces-ton). The names might be English but the way they are said is pure Taswegian! Lovely Banks is the name of the farming property. 

Well, on to some more inspiration for you to enter this challenge - and wow, haven't we got a few entries again this month! Thanks to you dear reader. Please remember if you are entering, no stamps - either digital or rubber. 

Challenge #60: Anything but a Card
TWIST - a tutorial or a link to a tutorial

Firstly there is a prize

Then some more things to encourage your creative flow!

Now that is down-right dainty!

Exploding Box Purse

A box with a hinged lid and a viewing pane

You can find the Linky thing at the bottom of the first post for August at

15 August 2016

Midway through August and some more inspiration!

Bruny Island, one windy day last month - an island off an island......

Brrrr, cold..............but pretty
Photo: Greg Faull

Now on to Unstampabelle's latest challenge

Theme: Anything but a card


Prize is random draw

but there is a DT Favorite selected as well. 

On of our DT Favorites lately has been Ashkma

and she has also agreed to be our Guest Designer for August
She has made two items for us - the one we showcased last week and this week, 
she has made a Greeting Card Organiser

Lovely papers used here

We also have some more projects to show you from DT members, and I am sure you will be inspired by these and have a go at the challenge.

Paper flowers
Repurposed container


Book Folding....Hedgehog
(Ed: how cute is this!)

Fun with Cicada shells

Cookie Matchbox Gift Box

Two weeks to get something made and in to be in the challenge

You will find the Linky HERE if you scroll down!

08 August 2016

Winner's Post for Unstampabelles for July's Challenge

Hello everyone - welcome to all the newest members of this crew, and thanks for staying the distance to all those who have hung out here a lot. 

As the'old-timers' know, this time of the month we announce who has won the random number prize, and who has been selected as the favorite of the DT for the preceding month.

Before we do that I like to subject people to a photo - usually of a lovely place somewhere in my home state of Tasmania. I am a dyed-in-the-bone Taswegan, and love my home - but I do enjoy visiting other places as well! However, today's photo is another from quite near me in the south of the state - and another photographer....

It was taken last week - love that Aurora
Andrew (the photographer) commented on his Facebook page how amazing it is what people miss by not being up in the night!

I know I slept through it.

Anyway, on to the winners:

Random Draw - 10: Richa
Look at that superb quilling!

DT Favourite - 9: Akshma
More amazing quilling!

Congratulations to both crafters!

Don't forget we are running a new challenge for August

#60 Anything but a Card

 twist - a tutorial or link to a tutorial on 'how to make this' added to your blog

Yes, there is a random number Prize

As it would happen we have a Guest Design Team Member this week to encourage you

Guess Who?

You probably know here by her Avatar

I am Atchaya from India. My craft creation name is Akshma so am called as Akshma too. I have been crafting for the past one year and started my journey with quilling and then started exploring other crafts like card making, decoupage, clay etc. Unstampabelles blog challenge is always my favorite blog and I got the first badge to flaunt on my blog (Unstampabelles Design team favorite badge-got in last December) so its always so special for me and even though I got so many badges after that, Unstampabelles badge still remains in the top as its the most memorable one.
You can view my creations on my blog-http://kraftycraze.blogspot.in  

Akshma made this beautiful ACT holder for our challenge to inspire you

 In addition I needed to make a quick gift bag

That's it - have a great week and enjoy some craft time

If you are looking for the Linky to enter, you can go 

and scroll down to it. 

01 August 2016

Time for a New Challenge: #60 for August - Anything BUT a card

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things.......

Unlike Alice, I am not falling headfirst into a rabbit hole and having hallucinogenic experiences, but boy the world is certainly taking on a strange hue - between the USA elections, the Northern Territory's treatment of juveniles and Brexit.......and as for that non-muslim gang who calls itself Isis - cowards the lot of them.......we certainly have lots of reasons to bury our heads into said rabbit hole and create a whole new life for ourselves. It is a good thing we have our craft to keep us sane in this mad world!

And pretty pictures......

This shot was taken today (July 24th 2016) along the Enchanted Walk located at Cradle Mountain Lodge - a stunning walk through ancient forest. The walk is a circuit with this picturesque bridge along the way. Winter Wonderland.
Cam Blake Photography

The Cradle Mountain area is spectacular at any time but with all the snow we have had this winter, it has taken on a fairyland look at times........this place is about a four hour drive from my home. I have been there several times but not lately, I must admit. 

Oh, and we have a new challenge as well to take our minds off the world at large.....

#60 Anything but a Card: twist - tutorial or link to tutorial oh 'how to make this' added to your blog

Yes, there is a random number Prize

There are also some unusual things created by members of the Design Team to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing for this challenge

Remember - NO cards and NO stamps used please

Silk petals made into flower as a hair ornaments or brooch for beach sarong.

A favour gift bag - takes four Lindt chocolate balls

A Tote bag for a present or some cards.....

Well, why are you still here? You should be rifling through your stash and thinking good thoughts about what you are going to make......

Oh, you want the Linky thing.....Ok, here it is
Best of crafting!