27 August 2018

Challenge#84: Final Week of August

Hello Peeps, Welcome to the last week of August and the last chance to get something made for the August challenge.

Challenge#84: Emboss, emboss, emboss........

The TWIST is to make it for a male!

The Random Number Draw prize will be Stampin' Up's 


I have one last piece to show for the month to inspire you into the crafting space!

A recycled product box into a gift box using Flashing Tape.

You can go HERE for more details.

Finally a piece of Tasmania in winter.......

There's no time like snow time in the stunning Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park 💙

20 August 2018

Midway through August!

Another year rushing by - I have just been to a Birthday Party for a 100 yo lady - mother of a friend. Happy Birthday Kathleen - Kath sang to us today "Daisy, Daisy, give me you're answer do...." : she knew all the words, sang clearly and in tune and right on the note! She must have had a lovely voice when she was younger.

Of course we sang to her as well - and she thoroughly enjoyed all the attention! She faded a bit towards the end and wanted to "go home" to her room but she did an amazing job and looked lovely.

She had a letter/card from the queen congratulating her, with a photo of HM and was so proud of it!

On a different note, the weather here in sunny Tasmania has been both warm and cold. We have had some snow and are expecting more  - and some rain which was great to get. Other than that it has been warm, sunny and calm - not three words you associate with winter at all!

Just to prove the snow

First time up at Ben lomond. Temporarily stuck but loving it ☃️☃️

(The Ben is a mountain in the north of the state.)

Now on to a piece I made for the Unstampabelle's current challenge.
Inspired by the icy blue of the photograph above!

Remember, the challenge is to Emboss, Emboss, Emboss
The TWIST is to make it a male oriented piece

I made a tag - I used the scrap pieces from the first week and added another top.
You can see details HERE

 And just to prove the bit about the sunshine - wattle balls of fluff in the garden with a blue sky behind, taken several days ago.....

13 August 2018

July Winner's

Before I begin, can I just apologize to the winners for the last couple of months - the prizes are coming; they just need to be posted ! I need to get a couple of snail mail address addresses too: I have no excuse - just have not got them done.

The July winner for the random number draw is

Please send me your snail mail address Plony to

Now, the DT favorite(s)
A very difficult one to choose indeed with all the fabulous entries but in no particular order

No 3: VREnchanted

Congratulations to all!

If you would like me to you a badge to put it on your blog, acknowledging your status as a DT Favorite, please send me an email.

There is a current challenge running

 Emboss, emboss, emboss........

The TWIST is to make it for a male!

The Random Number Draw prize will be Stampin' Up's 


We have some more stuff to inspire you

Let's see what you can come up with as well

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06 August 2018

Challenge#84: Emboss, emboss, emboss........

The TWIST is to make it for a male!

The Random Number Draw prize will be Stampin' Up's 


The Design Team have cooked up a storm for you today

That's it for now - see you next week!
You can add your entry to the linky below the beach photo!
Some more inspiration to draw you to the craft desk - or the travel agent!!!
A winter's day in Tasmania

The magic of Friendly Beaches thanks to Naomi Sherman from Blue Rust Images who says:

How stunning is this? Friendly Beaches on Tasmania's beautiful East Coast. One of the few places where you can walk for hours with only your own footprints for company.