11 April 2016

Who is the March Winner then?

The #tinderboxvineyard to the right and over the water is #brunyisland.#tasmania

This is in an area of Southern Tasmania called the Channel area

Presumably because there is a body of water between Tassie and Bruny Island running most of the length of this area. Bruny Island is named for Bruni D'entrecasteaux, a french explorer who visited this area - in fact, I might have been French if the English invaders of mainland Australia had not taken fright at the thought of France taking land near them, and immediately sent a small group to colonise Tasmania - and take it in the name of England first! There are lots of places in this area with French names as a result. 

Welcome to Tasmania

On to the winner's post to announce the winner of our March challenge
 - unlock your potential -
The twist of course was to add a key.

There was a prize (random number selection)

It was won by Vicki!

unstampable march 2016 (497x640)


The DT Favourite was unanimous this month and that is quite unusual
It is also the first time in quite a while that the DT Favourite has coincided  with the random number winner! That is also unusual!!!

So, a double Congratulations to Vicki, especially as she made this card by mistake, thinking that the recipient was 21 this year, when really he was only 20!

Our current Challenge#56 


Flora and Fauna 
with a 

TWIST to add some extra texture!


We have some more DT Inspiration to stir you on to enter this month

So pretty

CG's desert upbringing is shining through again!

Scroll down to last week, and find the link to the challenge there - there are already so wonderful entries
Please remember - NO STAMPS used, including digital ones
It is always embarrassing to have to remove an entry

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  1. I am speechless! Thank you :) Looks like my boo boo has turned around :)


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. The Design Team really appreciate it. Have fun with the challenge.