30 May 2016

There is no new post here.......nope, nothing here......

Remember, we work from every first Monday of a month, so that occurs next week for June, so nothing to see here today; really, there is nothing to see.....oh, all right - some eye candy!

Photo by Georgie FitzGerald
The Huon River at sunrise

You can just see the Sleeping Beauty in the background through the rising mist.....

See you next week!


  1. I cannot believe this is real. Just splendid!

  2. Fabulous photograph. I love seeing all your piccies of Tas. Somewhere I know I will never visit but so wish I could as the scenery is breath taking. Wynn xxx

  3. Oh wow Susan, what an amazing picture! Now to get that winning lottery ticket so I can come see it for myself! x


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