22 August 2016

Only another week to go for Challenge #60

Hello Peeps! Hope your day is going well. I am travelling fair, thanks. Hard to believe we are in the third week of August isn't it? Still, for us that means travelling into Spring and the spring bulbs and flowers are already everywhere, and there green paddocks, and lambs in said paddocks and birds tweeting.

Old convict buildings set against the rolling green hills at Lovely Banks, visible along the Midland Highway.

Image: www.instagram.com/johnfibbens_artstudio

The stark white dead trees are eucalyptus mostly and the result of the drought we had a couple of years ago, when the water table was thought to have fallen too far for the roots of the trees to reach. It happened all up and down the highway between the two major cities of the island, Hobart and Launceston (pronounced Hoh Bart and L-on-ces-ton). The names might be English but the way they are said is pure Taswegian! Lovely Banks is the name of the farming property. 

Well, on to some more inspiration for you to enter this challenge - and wow, haven't we got a few entries again this month! Thanks to you dear reader. Please remember if you are entering, no stamps - either digital or rubber. 

Challenge #60: Anything but a Card
TWIST - a tutorial or a link to a tutorial

Firstly there is a prize

Then some more things to encourage your creative flow!

Now that is down-right dainty!

Exploding Box Purse

A box with a hinged lid and a viewing pane

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