18 September 2017

Week Three for Unstampabelles:

Hello Peeps - another week of world uncertainty! Hope all you who were stressed over flooding and windy days are now OK or on the road to recovery and that all the nasty extremes of climate change have dissipated around you for the moment! Beautiful autumn is arriving for those of you who live on the top part of this big blue ball we all inhabit; while it is spring for the rest of us!

That mean's it has been mighty cold lately! And snowy! With a bit of a frosty morning thrown in. Oh, and overcast - however, we have had lot's of Aurora's too - know by the northerners as the Northern Lights! We call her (yes, she is female) Aurora or The Lady. If you want to get up in the middle of the night in the cold and follow her siren call, you can get some amazing photo's. Me, I prefer my bed and then drool over the work of others!

The historical Ross Bridge… like you’ve never seen her before thanks to Scott Wilmot Bennett who says:

Just after midnight all the warring elements seemed to align. The wind dropped, the clouds started to clear, the moonlight, the fog and even the bridge spotlight, yielded to Aurora's mighty light.

I have taken a photo of a playpus in this river just under the left side of the bridge on cold winter's day a few years ago. This township is about 1.5 hours away from us in what is know as the midlands of Tasmania. It is bypassed by the highway, so you have to deliberately mean to go there and when you do the bridge is a hidden gem.  Can you see the stars shining through as well?

There are some stars on my DT as well!
They have some more inspiration for you for the current challenge

The theme is sets of three

The TWIST is to use cardboard

There is a prize on offer for a random number draw but

 you will not get a chance to win that 

unless you enter and 
your entry has NO STAMPS PLEASE.


So, here is the inspiration:

While thinking of the Design Team, a shout-out to one of ours Shylaa who is currently experiencing medical problems and is in hospital for a while. Get better quicker and keep well, Shylaa - we are all sending positive thoughts your way. Hope you can play with a bit of crafting to keep you from going bonkers in there! Colouring-in is a great calming activity!

You can go HERE to enter your work Peeps.


  1. This photo of the mirroring Ross Bridge and the Aurora is a stunning delight!! Oh my!! I have never seen something as this! Amazing, just amazing!
    ... And Aurora it's also my niece's name, so I love it even much :) LOL
    Your Christmas card is a true delight!! Great idea using corrugate cardboard for the trees! Amazing works also from the DT ladies, great inspirations!

  2. Beautiful photo!! gorgeous card too! x

  3. Gorgeous projects ladies and thank you for sharing that awesome photograph! It will be added to my aurora/northern board on pinterest. I would never have realised that was an aurora capture because it looks like a beautiful sunrise! Susan thank you so much for sharing with us xx


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. The Design Team really appreciate it. Have fun with the challenge.