12 February 2018

Challenge #67: Anything Goes -plus winners from December!

Hi Everyone - hope you week has been a good one. 

We are having a lovely end to summer, with sunshine, warmth and blue skies mostly - just enough rain so that you don't need to put on the watering system.

Have you ever felt a total wreck? Yes, me too. Those days when.....but you know, not all wrecks are negative! Some have a a rare beauty of their own. There is a wreck of a ship just up a few bays from my house at a place called Otago Bay.

Says photographer Phil "The wreck of the Otago in the eponymous Otago Bay, Tasmania. The ship is famous for having been captained at one point by the novelist Joseph Conrad, perhaps best known as the author of Heart of Darkness, which I attempted to read back when I thought reading penguin classics would make me more interesting." 😂😅We've all been there! 

Have you read any Joseph Conrad?
I did back in the day but don't think I got too deeply into Heart of Darkness....
So many interesting people came to Tasmania in the past - 
as still do. You would be surprised to know who lives here and who has recently visited.
Love me a good sunset over that mountain - Mt Wellington kunanyi

Time to announce the winners for December last year
#75: Zentangle your way to Christmas.... 

This is the random number prize

and it is going to:

The DT Favorite is:

Congratulations Ladies! I will be in touch!

We have started off our 2018 challenges with the traditional Anything Goes.

Remember, you cannot use a stamp!

The TWIST is to use something new from your hoard stock that you got over the Christmas break - you can have purchased it yourself or been given it. 

There are some amazing pieces of inspiration on the blog from last week but to keep the juices flowing CG and Vicki have sent these along!

I have a small box to share too

There you go - all up to you now.

You have three  weeks to get inspired and produce something for the challenge
See you soon!

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  1. Wow!! Such amazing photo, those blue and purple are just stunning!! magical place!
    Thanks so much for choosing my tangled card as DT favorite!! I'm very honored!
    Lovely inspirations for the new challenge!
    Happy crafting to you all

  2. Wow, I just happen to stop by today to check on the new challenge, and then I saw my zentangled card from months back. Such a pleasant surprise to see it had been selected as a winner. Totally honored.


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