22 July 2018

Final Week to Get Edgy!

Hello Peeps!  You still have a few more days to enter this current challenge - 5 to be exact. Remember, please


Unfortunately we have had to disqualify several to date because they used stamps.
If there card/paper has writing on it and it is not from a stamp, it would be good to mention it in your journalling as we then have to ask and people can get offended. 

So,m what do you have to do?
Create something and include a ............

Fancy Frame or Border

Twist - How edgy can you be?

Prize (random number draw)
Dies and Embossing folder (+ magazine)

We have several more items to share to get you engaged:

How many edges did CG get in this one item? 

A tag.

So, there you have it
You can enter by going HERE and scrolling down.

Want to see another
pretty picture?

How's that for a border?
Pretty edgy I think!

It's down on the south eastern coast line, near Port Arthur. You are looking towards Antartica....

Remarkable Cave

Not my photo but I have lost the name of the photographer - sorry.


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. The Design Team really appreciate it. Have fun with the challenge.