22 February 2021

last Week of Challenge #108: Anything Goes

 Hi Peeps - hope all of you are feeling fine and dandy and crafting up a storm. From the look of the entry numbers this month, it seems people are feeling quite crafty and clever! Still, we had one that used a stamp - please don't use stamps as this challenge is not using stamps! Several of the blogs I cannot get to to comment - cannot belong to everything out there! If you didn't get a comment it is not because your work was not seen and appreciated but because we could not comment on it. 

Hope none of you got FACEDBOOKED this week either - talk about being a bit heavy handed.  Might backfire on the 'fairness' rule.........anyway, if your work is on FB we will usually be able to see it and comment so no worries. 

The challenge and the TWIST for this month is 

Challenge 108#: ANYTHING GOES

I made several things - I got all excited seeing people busting their stash so had a go at a stash-buster myself; and then recycled some things while supposedly tidying up! You can read all about it over at my blog........

Two for the price of one!

Tag recycling

Card as a Stash Buster!

You have five days to get something in to the challenge - just scroll down to the first posting for February and see the link.

See you there!

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