19 July 2021

Midway through July's Challenge: #113 Art and all that Jazz

Well we are half way through July already...

We are midway through winter and those on the other half of the world, halfway through summer and the weather is not good in either place from all the news reports. 

On top of COVID we have lockdowns in Melbourne and Sydney, and now floods and fires in the northern hemisphere 

We are still OK here is Tasmania but nervously watching the DELTA make its way south....

Enough of gloom - let's get creative!

The challenge this month is 

 Art and all that Jazz   

The TWIST is to make it a multi media piece of work


(mŭl′tē-mē′dē-ə, -tī-)

The combined use of media


Of or relating to the combined use of several media: a multimedia installation at the art gallery.

Now, technically  any piece of multi media is ART so the twist is done along with the theme! However, you can create with whatever art you are into: music, painting, carving, writing, drawing, making stuff................the art of craft........... as long as you don't use stamps and it is paper craft related.......

PS: You don't have to incorporate jazz into it either but if you want to....let it rip!

We have a surfeit of lovely things for you to look at this week!

Go to the DT blogs to see how they were created and why!

(Did another one. Used a cool technique. Have done a tutorial in my blog post.)

Let's see what this week brings in entries - some great pieces already


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