02 February 2015

February Challenge#44 -

Welcome back to a new challenge for February!
I hope all you peeps had a great Christmas and New Year with family and friends and that the winter's chill or lack of summer did not make life too intolerable for you all!

Apparently 2016 is the Year of the Sheep!

I personally like the one in the middle! She's my kinda girl!
According to the computer, it is the house of the Arts
I'm cool with that

On to the next challenge, with a reminder that the winner's from January will be announced next week

February Challenge #44 National Symbols
National Symbols - well, what country are you from? 
Incorporate a national symbol from your country into your work.

In Australia it probably would be
as they are on the coat of arms
but there are other animals or plants or places that are iconic for Australia. 

The twist is to use your country's flag colours in your creation
Just don't use stamps!

The Prize is this collection of new material (value approx $20 Aus) 

This will be posted the cheapest way to the winner - it contains the following items: FabScraps marine stickers; Dress It Up buttons; Designer F buttons; Bazzil Baubles; Bakers twine - black; bling; SU Twine; Merci chipboard stickers (flowers); Kelly Panacci rub-ons; and FWAB black corners

On with the inspiration to get those creative juices flowing!

The beach is Western Australia's greatest attraction.

Can you guess where I'm from?

Cyprus Moufflon can be seen on stamps and is also the symbol on national airline plus the olive branch from the national flag.

Bet you guessed this one! Funny thing is, not native to Tasmania!

Indian national bird - peacock with our national flag colours

Waving and smiling from.......

Well, there is some pretty great inspiration going on here so lets see what you can come up with. 


  1. Great job folks!! Susan my link isn't working and Shylashrees

  2. Great theme! Lovely work all around!

  3. Ohhhh, such a fab challenge, and I LOVE that koala! Hopefully I'll get to play along again this time. I had a card all ready for the last challenge, and then never got around to photographing it! *sigh*

    As I have a dual nationality and live in yet another country, methinks I'm spoilt for choice! lol. x

  4. 2016?
    Hopefully I will get this one done soon.

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  6. What equals to be a "national symbol"? Does this have to be an animal or can it be something that the country is know for? I have one thing on my for Finland but not sure if it qualifies as a "national symbol"...

    And the twist is just optional right? Blue and white just aren't on my mind now, lol.

    1. It can be anything Eemeli that is representative of your country, not necessarily an animal. Yes, the twist is optional

    2. Thanks Susan! I will be back with my card.


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