06 April 2015

Were you an April Fool? Challenge #46 for April

Where does that come from I wondered? I went to Wikipedia! Wow did they have some information - apparently this has been going on for century's (1392 Chaucer reference) but it can also be seen in earlier festivals of the Roman's (Hilaria) and the Idian's (Holi)! The actual date was supposedly a mistake made in translating Chaucer and April 1 became the day to celebrate the April Fool. In Scotland it was known as "Huntigowk" - a Gowk is apparently a cuckoo. All very interesting unless you were made an April Fool of, when it becomes silly nonsense! When the nieces/nephew's/grandkids were little, we often had to pretend to be caught by the joke, and it did become a little tedious!

Apparently it is also an early Easter for April, and so 

In addition, we start another month and that means we start another challenge!
Remember, we announce the February winners next week.....

Challenge #46
This month our theme is 

You can create a baby project of some kind or use the phrase to suit!
Easter babies, animal babies, human babies........

The TWIST is to make your project fairly non-traditional for babies...

The Prize - new/unused
Not the Tombow glue - that is to give an idea of size

Isn't that stinking cute!


Lou Lou

So, your turn - you have until the 1st May to get your entry in
Why not give the DT some love and read about how they came to create their projects and then have a go yourself at being creative!


  1. Fun, i just have to do a card for my niece who is pregnant!

  2. I really do not understand what happened this april month! Only 4 entries!
    Hoping May will be better!


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. The Design Team really appreciate it. Have fun with the challenge.