03 August 2015

Challenge#49: White on White

The TWIST for August is to add just one other colour!

The Prize is

A packet of lace!

Your project (it does not have to be a card) will be predominantly white and there can be a touch of one other colour added to it if you are also doing the TWIST.

It is winter here (well, perhaps not officially now but it still feels very much like it!) and the predictions for today is for lots of snow, down to the city - which is like saying down to sea level nearly. The last time we had snow in the city, schools were closed and people could not travel to work. It was nearly 30 years ago. This will be interesting!!

However, meanwhile there has been lots of beautiful whiteness on the mountain 

However, down near the river edge.....

This one below was in the river near the docks Saturday

Yes, dolphins.....

This was taken in one of the beach suburbs on Friday
photos by Greg Faull

I do love my home state - so many different moods and views.....

On with the challenge!

What has the DT come up with you ask?

      White plus silver mat.

 White and Gold Mixed Media Canvas


Isn't the DT amazing!
Now, over to you!

Remember, the winner's for July will be announced next week, so we will see you back then with some more news and inspiration. In the meantime, see what you can create - over to you!

NO Stamps please

Link up your entries below


  1. Great challenge Susan. Looks like I should get my dies and things out for this. I see some familiar friends here too. Hi all.

  2. beautiful and gorgeous cards DT

    gr karin

  3. Yes I have made it and have a new card Susan.

    gr karin


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. The Design Team really appreciate it. Have fun with the challenge.