07 March 2016

March Challenge#55: Unlock Your Potential

What was/is the key to your success?
Have you discovered it yet?
Or are you, like myself, still searching for that illusive creature?

How do we measure it anyway?

If we all have the potential to do many things, we have no measure that will suit all people, so it will be impossible to measure success - especially as we know not where on the line one started from and how much extra assistance we may have got while traversing it.

Therefore your paper project entry for this theme  - unlock your potential - could encompass many ideas, many mediums and be completed for many reasons......as long as you can, in your blog, say how it meets the theme!

The twist of course is to add a key.........

There is a prize (random number selection)

and of course the Design Team will select someone to be titled the DT Favorite - no prize for that but as I always say, honor and glory

Remember, please do not include any stamped image, or digital stamp, including sentiments in your entry as having to disqualify it makes life difficult for all concerned,

The Design Team have offered up some work for you to use as possible inspiration
Please go to their blogs and leave a comment for them so they know you appreciate their work

A treasure chest with key..... full of love hearts!!

 New Home Congratulations - lots of potential there and a key as well!
Anything where you congratulate someone means that person has reached a milestone

Turning into a butterfly is a simile for unlocking your potential!

Please click on the linky and enter your work - you have until midnight on the 1st April put up your entry.

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