20 June 2016

Midway for June: Pockets with a twist of a Crown

Another week of winter here - cold and sometimes damp, and then along comes a day like today, all blue skies and sunshine and you really don't mind the cold..........my young friend Greg Faull (the photographer) has been out and about again with his camera, and yesterday he visited a place where I spent many childhood hours - mostly at school. I grew up in a small hamlet near here and our house overlooked this general area. I went to school here before going to Hobart to High School and boarding away from home for the week. The town is called Dunalley. It was involved in some very disastrous fires two years ago and the school was burned down along with many of the homes. This old jetty survived. This photo is looking east towards South America - you can see it .....just over those clouds there....really; between here and South America there is ocean......lots and lots of ocean.

What do you have in your pockets?

This month's challenge asks you 

The theme is 

#58: Pocket Books/Letters or Gift Card Holders 

TWIST include a crown

You can find more information HERE

We have some more inspiration to spur you on:

Gift card/Money wallet using card with crown images!
(Got to get that twist in somehow!!)

A Project Life sheet with eight -yes, eight - pockets to fill!

Looking forward to seeing what you can create

Meanwhile, keep well and keep creating!

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