13 June 2016

Second Week of the June Challenge: Winner's Post

Living is a beautiful, green island with a temperate climate has a downside when climate change is mixed into the weather patterns. On this island state of ours we always talk about the weather - some say a legacy from the English settlers who arrived here in the early 1800's; some say because of our island attitudes - whatever, we always discuss the weather.

Last week we got a lot to talk about - a nasty easterly storm that swept down the coast of the mainland (mostly NSW) and then slammed into the northern corner of Tasmania, spilling across to the north west before petering out against a low coming across the Great Australian Blight from the west. This storm had nasty 120 plus kilometre winds, large swells and tides and waves and lots of rain - lots and lots of rain in a very short period of time. This photo shows the result.

Flooded farm in northern Tasmania

The rivers systems could not cope with the runoff and broke their banks, swirling along and flooding areas not flooded for over 100 years, if then. They met the tides and swells and in some places the farmers reported they ran backwards as a result before churning back out to the sea. Herds of milk cows and beef cattle were swept away and consequently drowned with them, and sheep too. Beaches were eroded and in NSW homes damaged from the sea. In Tassie - huge swells on the East Coast for the surfer boys were greeted with elation - and some were lucky to survive the occasion. However, three elderly people lost their lives in the floods, and many more people were rescued from rooftops of cars and houses by helicopters and other means. Many people drove through flood waters and got swept away. One died that way. Many had their home inundated and their businesses too. Carpets will sell well in the next few months, as will paint, and tradesmen will be in short supply. 

I live in the south - apart from some much needed rain we didn't have many problems. Dark Mo Fo has started and life is good, albeit a bit cold. I think myself very lucky.

Tasman Bridge over Derwent River - lit up for Dark Mo Fo - photo by me.

The winner for May is 

with her recycled chocolate box
Her twist is the hoarded pearls!

The DT Favorite is: (very hard to decide...)

Congratulations to both people.
I will be in touch soon!

The June Challenge is a week old and already has some stunning entries.

The theme is 

#58: Pocket Books/Letters or Gift Card Holders 

TWIST include a crown

You can find more information HERE

I made another pocket book - different style, but still using one 12 x 12, folder and then adding two cover pages.

You can find more information on how to make this on my blog HERE

You can find more inspiration from DT members on last week's post (scroll down) and that is also where the Link thingy is - at the bottom of that post!

Tune in next week for another exciting adventure of living in Tasmania!
Oh - and some more inspiration for the challenge too!


  1. congratulations to the winners

    gr karin

  2. aww thanku so much.very excited.

  3. Gosh, such an interesting post this week. The weather really can play havoc with people's lives can't it?
    Congratulations to the winning entries. Great work ladies.

  4. Thankyou for picking my recycled pringles pot. Having network problems and only just seen your post. Hugs ValeryAnne.


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