03 July 2017

Challenge #70: Every Day is Special with a Twist of colour!

Hello Peeps! We make a lot of things for special occasions and don't often think of the every day but really - there are small things done every day that make a change in lives and need to also be acknowledged. Our neighbour provided a favour for our family during a recent period that made life so much easier for all of us at the time. For her it was not that big a deal but for us it was especially good - that was a biggie; but there are also small things that happen every day that make you realise that life is better as a result. A smile, a helping hand,a lovely sunrise or sunset,  a thing not said or a special comment made...each of these things can make every day special.

So, that is our challenge: recognise the special......

#70: Every Day is Special 

TWIST lots of colour

There is a prize - announced next week!

We have had some lovely sunsets lately - here is but one that gladdens the heart and makes one smile regardless of what the rest of the day has thrown at you.

Photo by Moi!

Now, for some DT inspiration
Remember - no stamps but you can create anything from paper!


A container for a thank you note and a ticket for the movies.....

Attach your work below!


  1. beautiful and great work DT

    gr karin

  2. Gorgeous sunset!!! Love how you share your lovely photography with us along with your fun challenges.
    Fabulous projects by the ladies....and, oh my goodness, Susan, that background is AWESOME!!! Wow.
    Thank you for another amazing challenge. Stamps?....Who needs 'em? ;)
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  3. Hi, this is Mimi, #6... just discovered you guys and I'm bookmarking you! I think I'll fit right in!

  4. Thanks for the fun challenge ladies, and beautiful inspirations from all of you Karen x


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