30 October 2017

New Challenge next week, remember

he Peeps - remember we work from the first Monday of a new month. The old challenge has closed but the new one does not begin until the 6th November.

Until then, happy crafting and here is a photo to keep you interested.

Now here's a claim to fame - located in gorgeous Richmond, in the Coal Valley, this is Australia's oldest stone span bridge! It was built by convicts in the 1820's, is heritage listed and is the most photographed landmark in the town. Not hard to understand why is it? That said, the township of Richmond has more than 50 Georgian buildings, many converted into cafes and shops, and is also home to the oldest gaol in Australia, the Richmond Gaol. Definitely worth a look-see 👀 and it's only 30 minutes from Hobart.
Image: www.instagram.com/snapshottours


  1. That's a lovely sceen the place looks lovely x

  2. Such amazing ancient stone bridge! And in a wonderful landscape!


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