06 November 2017

#74 It's All about the Cake - TWIST Primary Colours

Hello Peeps - and to the latest Peeps -welcome!

How has life been in your crafting world? Mine has been a bit slow but it's mostly my own fault. Too lazy to get out of my own way at times, that's me. However, deep breath and get on with things - that's my newest resolution! Wonder how long that will last?

We ar planning a little get-away soon: just a few days -and we will be heading to a small seaside town called St Helens. 

A beautiful scene from Amanda at St Helens, on Tassie’s north-east coast, who says:

Feeling like a child again exploring the orange lichen covered rocks around the Bay of Fires 🔎🔥

Did you notice that the colours of the rocks, sea and lichen are all variants on the primary colours?


Guess what?  This month's challenge is:
 It's all about the cake...
TWIST use mainly the primary colours 


This is the random number prize - an embossing folder

This is NOT as difficult as it looks!
There are many variants on the reds, blues and yellows of our world.
Just don't do what I did when making my first piece, and get confused with what were primary colours and used green instead of blue! A hasty change was needed!!!

Wynn has added primary colours in her cake banner but her other colours are variants on the basic three.
We just want to see you concentrate on those

If you can manage that and a cake then you are excellent!

Remember, it does not have to be a card and NO STAMPS please

In saying that my first one is a Christmas Card.......with a cake!!

When you have sorted out your ideas, you can enter your work here:


  1. I'm always stunned by the photos of the places in your part of world...!!! Just incredible!This one seems come out from a dream! :) Really it's a place to forget the rest of the world! :) Amazing!
    Great theme once again and lovely inspirations!

  2. You find the best photos Susan. It will be so nice for you to get away. Hubby and I are going down south for a mini-break too, to Margaret River (wine country, oh yes).


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. The Design Team really appreciate it. Have fun with the challenge.