19 March 2018

Midway through March - are the hares running yet?

We have hares here in Tasmania - they are an introduced pest, similar to the rabbits!

I always think of the March Hare about this time and Alice.........
Spring must be about to Spring in the northern climes!

Perhaps you could paint a wooden egg or two?  

Anyone else notice that the Easter eggs are out and about in the shops, along with the Easter buns?

Time to remind you that you have two weeks left to enter our latest challenge - 

#77: Decorate Something Wooden

Twist - get messy with paints

What exactly does that mean?

I have a wooden spatula - can I decorate that?
I have lots of wooden embellies - can I use them?
What about wooden buttons?
Can I use a twig from a tree?
What about an old box that needs rejuvenating?
Perhaps I can build a box or frame or similar from scratch?
The answer to all these questions is YES

The TWIST is the use paint
Does the paint have to go on the wood?
Do I have to use paint on everything?
Will I necessarily have to use a paintbrush?

The answer to these questions if NO

This month we have a prize donated by one of the DT members Dale
Thank you Dale

Please remember - NO STAMPS to be used

Dale has made a beautiful frame for us to use as inspiration

has made another card for us.

See - not that hard after all! 

Check out the rest of the posts for this challenge and check out some of the entries to date - we even have one in that uses pencil shavings!!!

Tasmania is again becoming known as the apple isle, thanks to local cider producers performing at the top of their game.

Visit http://tascidertrail.com/ to find out more.


  1. Lovely projects, I have only a few time, but I'm thinking how to do...
    Beautiful pictures of bunny, eges and apple!!

  2. Best apple I ever ate was Tasmanian.


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