05 March 2018

Would you work in Wood? Challenge #77: Decorate something wooden

Welcome to Autumn - what a lovely couple of days so far. We have had sunshine during the day and mostly rain at night! The days are warm and the sun is shining and the sky is blue! That doesn't mean we haven't had a few moody days too:

WOW… a truly stunning sunset over Cape Hauy, on the Tasman Peninsula, thanks to Emilie Brooke who says:

Moody sunset skies over Cape Hauy! 
A trip that we will remember for a lifetime. 
I didn't actually realise how different the landscape and fauna is down there it's like a whole different world! One I'd love to head back to in the future! .


I hope this finds my many Peeps warm and cosy! The Beast has done his work indeed in Europe and the UK I am told. I hope our crafty friends across the Atlantic have stayed warm and well as well!

So, on to a new challenge!

#77: Decorate Something Wooden

Twist - get messy with paints

What exactly does that mean?

I have a wooden spatula - can I decorate that?
I have lots of wooden embellies - can I use them?
What about wooden buttons?
Can I use a twig from a tree?
What about an old box that needs rejuvenating?
Perhaps I can build a box or frame or similar from scratch?
The answer to all these questions is YES

The TWIST is the use paint
Does the paint have to go on the wood?
Do I have to use paint on everything?
Will I necessarily have to use a paintbrush?

The answer to these questions if NO

This month we have a prize donated by one of the DT members Dale
Thank you Dale

Now, you don't need to to make something from wood, just decorate a piece of wood.
You might have something in your stash that is suitable or you may have a piece that can be repurposed or recyled. 

Last week I repurposed a small wooden book box from a cheap shop with multimedia paints
You can find details HERE

Wynn has created a beautiful box - you could keep potpourri in here or crafty bits!

I chose to make a tag and paint up a wooden sentiment

It is to accompany a present for a significant birthday

What are you going to choose to do?
Remember, it doesn't have to be a big bit of wood!!!

Enter your piece at the Linky!
Remember, no stamps please - so many stencils around now, why do you need them!


  1. Intriguing challenge and lovely inspirations! I will rummage in by boxes to found some wooden items :)

  2. Thank you for the challenge and wonderful inspirations x


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