20 August 2018

Midway through August!

Another year rushing by - I have just been to a Birthday Party for a 100 yo lady - mother of a friend. Happy Birthday Kathleen - Kath sang to us today "Daisy, Daisy, give me you're answer do...." : she knew all the words, sang clearly and in tune and right on the note! She must have had a lovely voice when she was younger.

Of course we sang to her as well - and she thoroughly enjoyed all the attention! She faded a bit towards the end and wanted to "go home" to her room but she did an amazing job and looked lovely.

She had a letter/card from the queen congratulating her, with a photo of HM and was so proud of it!

On a different note, the weather here in sunny Tasmania has been both warm and cold. We have had some snow and are expecting more  - and some rain which was great to get. Other than that it has been warm, sunny and calm - not three words you associate with winter at all!

Just to prove the snow

First time up at Ben lomond. Temporarily stuck but loving it ☃️☃️

(The Ben is a mountain in the north of the state.)

Now on to a piece I made for the Unstampabelle's current challenge.
Inspired by the icy blue of the photograph above!

Remember, the challenge is to Emboss, Emboss, Emboss
The TWIST is to make it a male oriented piece

I made a tag - I used the scrap pieces from the first week and added another top.
You can see details HERE

 And just to prove the bit about the sunshine - wattle balls of fluff in the garden with a blue sky behind, taken several days ago.....


  1. Weather is going very fool... :( It isn't a good sign!
    Big congrats to that lady for her 100 years! :)
    Lovely male pieces with a fab embossing!

  2. Wonderful photo of your contry ! Glad you had some snow, last seen here was in 2009 :o

  3. Fabulous. Sometimes the elderly can't remember recent events/names/etc but songs are perfectly recollected. Amazing the brain is. My Nan is 93 and plans to hang on for that note from the Queen. They're about the same age.

  4. Happy Birthday Katleen! Awesome achievement


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