27 June 2016

Final Week in June - where did the first six months go????

Well, we have just had the Winter Solstice here, so that explains the end of June. Now the sunset will get latter and latter again, rather than occurring at 4.45 pm!  As part of the celebrations of the Dark Mo Fo Festival in Hobart, we had a mid-winter Solstice early morning nude swim - noooooo, I didn't enter - but nearly 700 hardy souls did swim in the Derwent for this event. Temp was about 4 degrees but apparently the water was warmer than the morning air! Still not tempted to enter...............

As you can see above we have had some lovely cold, frosty blue days but we have had a few wet and foggy ones too, and my usual photographer - who is much younger than me and much fitter as well - went walking on the Mountain above the city last week and took this shot!

Wet and misty on the mountain lately - photo by Greg Faull
Reminds me of the Hobbit!

Now, over to the crafty side of the blog.......

Remember, the theme is POCKETS and the twist is to add a crown!

I made a Joy Fold card

and Shylaashree made a pocket card also
Note that lovely quilling.....


Please leave some love to the DT members - you can  always find a link on their names

Yes, there is a prize - I suggest you scroll down and see; you will find the Link there too to enter your work - we look forward to seeing what you can create!

Only a few entries to date so lots of chances to win the prize or be chosen as DT Favorite!

20 June 2016

Midway for June: Pockets with a twist of a Crown

Another week of winter here - cold and sometimes damp, and then along comes a day like today, all blue skies and sunshine and you really don't mind the cold..........my young friend Greg Faull (the photographer) has been out and about again with his camera, and yesterday he visited a place where I spent many childhood hours - mostly at school. I grew up in a small hamlet near here and our house overlooked this general area. I went to school here before going to Hobart to High School and boarding away from home for the week. The town is called Dunalley. It was involved in some very disastrous fires two years ago and the school was burned down along with many of the homes. This old jetty survived. This photo is looking east towards South America - you can see it .....just over those clouds there....really; between here and South America there is ocean......lots and lots of ocean.

What do you have in your pockets?

This month's challenge asks you 

The theme is 

#58: Pocket Books/Letters or Gift Card Holders 

TWIST include a crown

You can find more information HERE

We have some more inspiration to spur you on:

Gift card/Money wallet using card with crown images!
(Got to get that twist in somehow!!)

A Project Life sheet with eight -yes, eight - pockets to fill!

Looking forward to seeing what you can create

Meanwhile, keep well and keep creating!

13 June 2016

Second Week of the June Challenge: Winner's Post

Living is a beautiful, green island with a temperate climate has a downside when climate change is mixed into the weather patterns. On this island state of ours we always talk about the weather - some say a legacy from the English settlers who arrived here in the early 1800's; some say because of our island attitudes - whatever, we always discuss the weather.

Last week we got a lot to talk about - a nasty easterly storm that swept down the coast of the mainland (mostly NSW) and then slammed into the northern corner of Tasmania, spilling across to the north west before petering out against a low coming across the Great Australian Blight from the west. This storm had nasty 120 plus kilometre winds, large swells and tides and waves and lots of rain - lots and lots of rain in a very short period of time. This photo shows the result.

Flooded farm in northern Tasmania

The rivers systems could not cope with the runoff and broke their banks, swirling along and flooding areas not flooded for over 100 years, if then. They met the tides and swells and in some places the farmers reported they ran backwards as a result before churning back out to the sea. Herds of milk cows and beef cattle were swept away and consequently drowned with them, and sheep too. Beaches were eroded and in NSW homes damaged from the sea. In Tassie - huge swells on the East Coast for the surfer boys were greeted with elation - and some were lucky to survive the occasion. However, three elderly people lost their lives in the floods, and many more people were rescued from rooftops of cars and houses by helicopters and other means. Many people drove through flood waters and got swept away. One died that way. Many had their home inundated and their businesses too. Carpets will sell well in the next few months, as will paint, and tradesmen will be in short supply. 

I live in the south - apart from some much needed rain we didn't have many problems. Dark Mo Fo has started and life is good, albeit a bit cold. I think myself very lucky.

Tasman Bridge over Derwent River - lit up for Dark Mo Fo - photo by me.

The winner for May is 

with her recycled chocolate box
Her twist is the hoarded pearls!

The DT Favorite is: (very hard to decide...)

Congratulations to both people.
I will be in touch soon!

The June Challenge is a week old and already has some stunning entries.

The theme is 

#58: Pocket Books/Letters or Gift Card Holders 

TWIST include a crown

You can find more information HERE

I made another pocket book - different style, but still using one 12 x 12, folder and then adding two cover pages.

You can find more information on how to make this on my blog HERE

You can find more inspiration from DT members on last week's post (scroll down) and that is also where the Link thingy is - at the bottom of that post!

Tune in next week for another exciting adventure of living in Tasmania!
Oh - and some more inspiration for the challenge too!

06 June 2016

#58: Pocket Books/Letters or Gift Card Holders TWIST include a crown

Hello Peeps

Another new moth and another new challenge - great entries in our last one and remember, next week will be the winner's announcement! Meanwhile, another great photo for you - we have has some cold weather here lately (it is winter after all) and while we have had some lovely frosty blue days, we have had a few cold, grey days too......

Five Mile Beach and fog - by Greg Faull

#58: Pocket Books/Letters or Gift Card Holders 

TWIST include a crown

Yep, this is a challenge to do something different -
  • not just a card; 
  • not just a box; 
  • not just a tag; 
  • not just an album; 
  • not just a scrap page

So, what do we want? 
Basically anything that has a pocket into which you can put photos, tags, images, presents, gift cards.......

What are Pocket Letters and Pocket Letter Pals™?
Basically it's a new way to write letters to penpals for a one time-swap or permanently. You decorate all the pockets of a trading card sleeve or similar, and send the whole page to someone who wants to swap with you. You can fill the pockets with anything you like (stickers, tea bags, a note, washi tape samples, pictures, etc.) Make sure to include a short letter or note and tuck it in one of the pockets. It's the perfect way to collect letters from penpals around the world and a convenient way to store them. They fit perfectly in a binder! 

Watch this video for more information: http://youtu.be/OxHLkm0lZi0

Project Life sheets would fit nicely in here

What is a Pocket Book? 
A book with pockets! Again, go to the internet and check out the YouTube video's on making pocket books or check out Pinterest where there are many different ones made. Decorate them to your hearts content as long as you don't use stamps!
Gift Card Holders
These can be pockets in a bag, or in a box or on a tag or purpose built!

Is there a prize?

Of course!

It will taken out of its plastic for ease of posting!

OK - know what to do?


Oh! - I forgot......

........Inspiration needed? 

The DT have some ready to show you!

A pocket letter

Mini Pocket Book

Gift /money holder and gift tag.......twist is Princess crown

Don't forget to go leave some love for them!


Link up at the Linky thingy below - you have a month to enter your creation

30 May 2016

There is no new post here.......nope, nothing here......

Remember, we work from every first Monday of a month, so that occurs next week for June, so nothing to see here today; really, there is nothing to see.....oh, all right - some eye candy!

Photo by Georgie FitzGerald
The Huon River at sunrise

You can just see the Sleeping Beauty in the background through the rising mist.....

See you next week!

23 May 2016

Last week in the May Challenge #57

Welcome Peeps!

I hope the world is treating you softly. I have another photo for you to enjoy - another pretty scene from pretty Tasmania.

This was taken by an excellent photographer called Dan Fellows in the Tarkine, in North West Tasmania - a beautiful area of nature at its best. It is not a National Park but should be included.  These are tree ferns.

Now that your soul is refreshed, let our imagination run and get creating

The theme for May is to recycle or reuse an item 
in some way, so that you create another useful item

Remember, we are a paper based challenge, so your creation has to involve paper or card somewhere but not contain any stamped images

The twist is to use something from your stash that is over 12 months old
This is not an either/or thing - you follow the theme and you may choose to add the twist but you must follow the theme to be eligible for the prize

Speaking of prizes - I have to apologies to several people for a lateness in sending the prize
I will do better, I promise!

This is the prize for May

Here is some more inspiration

Charm made from a Pill Bottle Cap

How clever are my team!

Another toilet roll repurposed!

If you want to see how these were made, you need to go to the blogs and find out!

So, off to the workroom, and start moving - you have five more days to enter!

Enter your creation 

16 May 2016

Third week of May - Wow, time flies.........

....and so we are half way through the challenge and the month.

Before we look at the challenge, look at this photo taken by Greg Faull (of course) of beautiful Battery Point, a suburb of Hobart, at sunrise one rainy day last week. It is looking down the street towards the river - this suburb was one of the first settled in Tasmania, and almost one of the first in Australia by the English, and so it has Georgian cottages everywhere - very quaint.

Remember this months's Challenge #57 is to

Creative Upcycling

This means that you are to recycle something creatively - that is use something you would normally throw away in a creative way - not just to use materials that are old. 

TWIST use something you have had in your craft room for a year or more

There is a prize - with an extra surprise thrown in

Now we have sorted that out, lets see what some Design Team Members have come up with for you to look at this week........

The purple metal ring is from a broken earring, and all the other elements are well over 4 years old each, too


The notebook and wooden rolling pin are over a year old. There'll be more piccies on my blog.

Washi tape.......

Remember, to enter you need to go 

and scroll down to the Linky thing

No stamps and it really does have to be recycled or given a new beginning......

09 May 2016

Happy Mother's Day for Sunday!

Hope you all had a lovely time celebrating Mother's Day
We have a family tradition now (built up over several years) of going to the soccer to watch the Grandddaughter(s) play - and we take food and champers along!
Why not drink while you endure the cold and watch the game?

Yes, autumn has finally been subdued a little and it is getting colder. 

In fact, it snowed here in Hobart, Tasmania, last week - just a light dusting on the mountain. This amazing photo was taken of the old brewery (Cascades) in the foothills. Actually, the stone work is just a facade as the original was burned down in 1967 during disastrous bush fires. You can still see the remnants of the fire damage in the dead trees behind the buildings on the mostly left side of the mountain. They look like thin white sticks. Fifty years ago and still standing, dead.

Another interesting fact. 
My grandfather worked at the Brewery in the 1920 - he was Chief Maltster. 
Always said stout was made from the sweepings off the brewery floor.......

I suppose we need to talk about our April Challenge this week - we had a fantastic response to the challenge so assume you all like Fauna and Flora!!

This is the prize

Our April winner is

(As Steffi uses Flicker I cannot get a copy of her card here; you will need
to go to her site to see it)

Congratulations Steffi

As there are over 30 entries this month, we are going to have 3 DT Favorites: they are

Congratulations too, to you three crafty ladies.

Don't forget this months challenge either

Creative Upcycling

TWIST use something you have had in your craft room for a year or more

Yes, there is a prize also

As well, there is some amazing inspiration from the DT!
How clever are these ideas?

Everything except the photo is over a year old (especially Mum and I)

Jen Leeflang
The organza dress on my card is made from an organza gift bag that is a good few years old.  


Mini album made from empty toilet rolls/tubes

So, what are you going to recycle/upcycle?

Enter your work - by scrolling down to the linky  -

Don't forget our rule - no digital or rubber stamping please.

02 May 2016

May Day, May Day.......it is the start of a new Challenge: #57 Creative Upcycling

(Apologies for the late start - didn't schedule properly!)

Hello Peeps! Hope you have all had a grand start to the new week - and will continue to have a wonderful May. We have started our May with a great downpour of rain - and for a State where the dams were 12 per cent, our gardens are dying and the farmers were extremely worried about planting, that is a very good thing, believe me! 

Onward and upward I say!

We have had a great response to our April challenge, and look forward to seeing what you all come up with for this month..........remember, winner and DT favourite will be announced next week (how difficult will it be picking that!) so do tune in then for details, but meantime here is the May theme.

Creative Upcycling

TWIST use something you have had in your craft room for a year or more

There is a prize - with an extra surprise thrown in

Prize is a new, unused word die 
plus 4 metal girls with balloons (something I have had in my craft room for over a year now)

Your older item can be adorning the upcycled item or it can be the item!

We have had a few difficulties in the DT at the start of this month - some of you have noted that I have been out of action a bit due to a bad back plus the joy of nursing a hubby who has just had a new hip implanted. Other DT members are also having a bit of a journey, and between illness, moving house and holidays we only have one piece of inspiration to share this week, so enjoy that and come back next week to see what else we have come up with!


Small box (13 cm or about 5 inches tall) which did contain a bottle of Tassie whiskey- long gone!
A piece of hessian which was attached to a floral arrangement delivered here some time ago and which has sat on my desk waiting to be used.

Box covered with glue and then MegaFlake to disguise it's previous use, and used to contain some chocolates as a small thank you gift I needed.

The Mega Flakes have been in the drawer for over a year

So begins another challenge - remember, no stamps to be used please; refusal often offends!

Enter your piece at the inky thingy - thanks!

25 April 2016

Last week of the Unstampabelles April Challenge

This post will go live on ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand.

Lest We Forget 

This photo of a poppy was taken a few days ago at Gallipoli, Turkey, where one of my Granddaughters, Private Hettie Adams of the NZ Army Band, is currently stationed. She will be one of the party making the music for the Dawn Service and other services around the area on the 25th April and singing the NZ National Anthem at the Dawn Service.

She was delighted when she found a tortoise there one day!

On to the Challenge - 

Fauna and Flora
With a TWIST of Texture!

This is the prize on offer

I have not made anything for this week for inspiration as I have had a busy week with a husband in hospital with a hip replacement, but my fabulous Design Team have stepped up to the grid and provided the following to inspire you!

Just look at that quilled flower!

Wynn has been at it again and provided another lovely card

So, if you are going to enter, you need to do so before midnight on Friday
Scroll down from HERE and find the linky and enter your creation there