23 November 2015

Last week for our current challenge, Anything Goes.........

....except for using stamps of course!

Some of our entrants are not aware of the one major rule for this challenge which is to 


in your work

Please do not enter your work if you have used a stamp as it is not pleasant to have to tell people that their lovely creation is not eligible. It makes some people a bit prickly and that makes me unhappy as well. Not as prickly as this little fella though!

Photo's taken by Greg Faull last week on Bruny Island

The Australian Echidna - very cute!

Now, there are a lot of entries in this months challenge: Anything Goes, with a TWIST of using Flowers!

It just goes to show that it can be done - creating a paper project with no stamps involved. 

Don't get me  wrong - I have a pile of stamps - but sometimes not using them is a better challenge than reaching for one straight away. It allows us to play with our paints and pastes and things as well, and to use stuff from the stash in different ways. I love it and I hope you do too.

Well, the good news is that there are five more days to go until Friday and the close of November's challenge - the winner (chosen by random number) will get this sent to them!

There is also a DT Favourite chosen - usually only one, but this month we have so many entries we may increase that number. The winner's of this do not get a prize beyond the recognition of the team and the honour and glory.

So, no more excuses!

If you still need some inspiration the team have a few things to show you!

There you have it - 
Enter you work 

 by scanning to the bottom of the post and entering at the link there. 

16 November 2015

Midway in the November Challenge #52

Hello Peeps - what a week we have had indeed. My thoughts and concerns are with our friends of all nations in Paris at at the moment - be brave France. W stand with you across the world.

Flowers and candles are left on the pavement near the scene of yesterday's Bataclan Theatre terrorist attack.

The one Australian who was injured was a 19 yo girl from Tasmania
She will survive but is injured in body and spirit
Brings it very close to home for us

For those of us not in Europe, I hope your Christmas (and Thanksgiving) preparations are well in hand, and that life is full of only good stress at the moment! I know I am knee deep in Christmas cards and my work space looks terrible but it will all come good soon, fingers crossed!

We have some new inspiration to get you going for this Challenge this month

Anything Goes
TWIST: use a flower or flowers

and this one which was sent to me a few months ago by a friend and I thought I would show you how simple a card with a photo can be............so pretty with the poppies......

You can enter by going 

and scanning to the bottom of the post to the link


09 November 2015

October's Winners - and Challenge #52

Well Peeps, October's challenge was a bit of a challenge for some and not at all for others! 

Time to announce the 

Challenge #51
 the SUN - rising or setting, but always with 
twist of GOLD! GOLD! GOLD!

 with a prize of this embossing folder

Random Draw for October's prize

A sea themed trinket box with real shells!

DT Favorite for October
Look at the amazing whale enjoying life!

Annie's blog address has changed since then and now she can be found at 

Congratulations to both - both are amazing talented crafters!

Now, on with
Challenge #52

Anything Goes!

Twist: use flowers

This month we have no Guest Designer but we do have some more inspiration from the amazing Design Teem girls!

Please go to their blogs and leave some love!


So, that's it

Time for you to now go off to that craft cave of yours and have a go at creation a wonderful project that has  NO STAMPS on it and is full of flowers and creativity!

Enter it by clicking and scrolling to the Inky Link 

02 November 2015

Wow, November already? Bring on Challenge#52!

Can you believe how fast this year has flown? November and we are knee deep in  Spring in the southern climes and knee deep in leaves up there in the northern half of the globe, I expect.

Not a lot of people entered the challenge last time - perhaps this month will see an increase in the number of people willing to make a project without using a stamp!

Novembers Challenge #52

Anything Goes!

Twist: use flowers

I am offering this die as a prize (random draw)

Don't forget in addition we also select our DT Favourites and while there is no prize for this, there is certainly honour and glory to be obtained!

Please Remember - NO STAMPS

Wondering what to make? 
Think of what November is about......

Remembrance  Day
Di Wali
Melbourne Cup 
Thanks Giving

Has this helped? 

The DT have created some interesting inspiration for you to get you started

Jen Leeflang
(poppies for Remembrance Day)  

for Remembrance Day

Let us see what you can create now

26 October 2015

One week to Go on Challenge #51!

There are six entries for this month, and four are from one person.
Sonia certainly does not find this too hard to do!
You should go to the link and check out her wonderful projects

There are lots of things you can make with this theme
I have seen so much around where the sun is a feature of the project
Gold is on trend too - one of the colours of the season

So, why is this such a challenge to all the rest of you amazing crafters out there?

Challenge #51
 the SUN - rising or setting, but always with 
twist of GOLD! GOLD! GOLD!

The prize for this month is this embossing folder

Some more inspiration to assist the creative flair

Warning: ear worm about to enter your head!

You still have until the end of the 30th October to get something in

You can enter your project 

19 October 2015

Midway through October!

Well, this one has stumped you!

I have seen suns in so many projects in the magazines
All over the place

I thought you would all fly with this one
Certainly the entries we have are absolutely fabulous, amazing and truly GOLD
I am certain there are other crafters out there who believe they could rock this one too?


 the SUN - rising or setting, but always with 
twist of GOLD! GOLD! GOLD!

The prize for this month is this embossing folder

The Design Team might get your juices flowing with these lovely ideas!

Jen Leeflang

This is just so creative


How clever to use the flower as the sun!


and a tag

I am just blown away with these DT Inspiration this month
I cannot understand why we don't have many more entries for this challenge???
Can you?

Anyhoooo.....if you are going to enter please go 

and scroll to the bottom of the post to find the link and click on it!

12 October 2015

September Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Well, perhaps not a Chicken Dinner ........

....BUT there are some lovely decoupage sheets and stickers (see below) going to the winner of our September challenge - Boys will be Boys


Random Number selection has chosen

as our Winner

So amusing that image, don't you think?

In addition we have a DT Favourite to announce

Congratulations Ladies - and we hope to see you back playing with us again soon!

Someone who is returning, this time as a Guest Designer for October,  is Wendy 

Hi my name is Wendy L, known as Spanish Crafter in blogland. 

 I have been card making for a number of years and still get so much pleasure from it, it has also helped see me through some bad times in my life. 

 I am lucky to have been able to retire early, thanks to my great partner, and we decided to live in Spain to get some warmth into our bones !!!!!  I do go back to the UK two or three times a year to see family, especially now that I have two gorgeous grand daughters and a Grandson  to spoil.

I craft most days and give nearly all my cards to local charities here, as well as making some for friends and neighbours.  I also couldn't live without my laptop and hop around blogland most days too.

Wendy has created this for us:

I have used Sue Wilsons Gemini Cygnus die and pricked and stitched the centrepiece.

Isn't that just gorgeous! Love the abstract sun die and the stitched suns - such a pretty card.

See, it doesn't have to be an actual picture/photo of the sun - I think some of you think this is a bit too hard!
Berina and I from the Design Team also have some more inspiration for you to look at
.....and there is always Pinterest for further inspiration!

Why not go off the the blogs of these people and check out 
how easy it was to create these cards (or not)!
Don't forget to leave a comment too!

Remember - no Stamps please

There is another great prize on offer and the link for entry and further details on the next challenge - Challenge #51: The Sun, with a twist of Gold, Gold, Gold can be found on the bottom of this post

Go on - have a go!

05 October 2015

Challenge #51: October

Boy oh boy oh boy......September is over already and we are on to the next challenge #51!

This time it is 

 the SUN - rising or setting, but always with 
a twist of GOLD! GOLD! GOLD!

The prize for this month is this embossing folder

There are many and different ways (arrays?) of portraying the sun - a photograph or a beautiful sunrise or sunset; a picture created of the same; embossed rays or use a stencil to get the same result. Remember, it does not have to be a card. A few months ago I used this canvas for a challenge in multi-media - and I do believe it was a sun.......so a multi media canvas would be great or any other multi media creation or repurposed item. Don't think - too hard........think, WOW, how can I do that!

The Design Team have created amazing things again, and here they are to assist you in your thinking

No not a stamp - go to my blog to see how this was made. 

28 September 2015

Where has the month gone! Last week......

Oh my gosh, it is the last week in September and we are in the middle of the AFL football finals and turning our attention to cricket and summer!The weather is turning and here in Hobart we are enjoying the joys of Spring!

Carlton Beach - By Greg Faull

Our current challenge Boys will be Boys is still running for another five days

This is the prize

Here is some more inspiration, if you need it from the Design Team

The twist is to tell us what makes a good male card


(Put their name on it and they will love it!)


You can go 

and click on the Linky thingy at the bottom of the post