22 July 2018

Final Week to Get Edgy!

Hello Peeps!  You still have a few more days to enter this current challenge - 5 to be exact. Remember, please


Unfortunately we have had to disqualify several to date because they used stamps.
If there card/paper has writing on it and it is not from a stamp, it would be good to mention it in your journalling as we then have to ask and people can get offended. 

So,m what do you have to do?
Create something and include a ............

Fancy Frame or Border

Twist - How edgy can you be?

Prize (random number draw)
Dies and Embossing folder (+ magazine)

We have several more items to share to get you engaged:

How many edges did CG get in this one item? 

A tag.

So, there you have it
You can enter by going HERE and scrolling down.

Want to see another
pretty picture?

How's that for a border?
Pretty edgy I think!

It's down on the south eastern coast line, near Port Arthur. You are looking towards Antartica....

Remarkable Cave

Not my photo but I have lost the name of the photographer - sorry.

16 July 2018

Midway through July's challenge: #81: Edges and/or Borders

How edgy can you be with your work? That is the twist in this month's challenge. Dos that mean putting an edge onto your work or being a trifle 'out-there' with it? Up to you to interpret! Don't forgwt to say in your blog what you are about!

There are two weeks to go for the challenge and we already have a great collection of entries - well done to all those clever crafters who have entered! We have some more inspiration to get your creative juices flowing ......but before I show you those, I have another great Tasmania photo to share!

Now, there's an edge.......

A truly spectacular sunset from Moulting Lagoon Game Reserve lookout.

You can make a card, a tag, scrap a page or two, make an off the page item.....collage, recycled, mixed media,whatever you wish as long as it is paper based and has no stamps (either digital or rubber)used in making it.

Here is some DT work to help you get started


09 July 2018

Winners from June

Who are our June winners?

Well, this one was quite well entered so while finding a winner is relatively easy as we have the random number to do that for us (and then that person has to have followed the theme, not used stamps and had a go at the twist), finding the three (or four or five) DT favorites is not as easy.

We all have different styles and tastes. That is why getting the Design team to choose as a team is a positive as we can allow all those different styles to shine. However, the down side is when all the DT members choose someone different and then I have to decide who to pick from this smaller group!

Usually only happens when we have so many entries so who is complaining! NOT ME!

Random Number Prize Winner:
No 25:
Chris cartes et patchs 

Congratulations Chris!
For those who follow us Chris is a regular entry and always leave lovely comments so it is nice to see it go to one of our regular friends.

Send me an email Chris to

Now - those DT favorites!
We will have four because we had so many entries

No 17: KarinsArtScraps

No 22: Nats Paper World

No 26: Karen

No 41: Scrappin with ChrissandLou

Congratulations fellow crafters!

Now, we have a new challenge running for July

Fancy frame or border

Twist - How edgy can you be?


Dies and Embossing folder (+ magazine)

Let's see what you can come up with for this - remember NO STAMPS but you can enter any paper based item you have created that follows the theme and hopefully had a go at the twist! This month it is asking you 

"How edgy can you be?"

This gives you a chance to have a fancy edge or be very 'out there' or to use an edge in a different way. Perhaps your edge is not at the edge? Perhaps it is being very trendy or modern? Perhaps it is geometric or a different shape to the norm? 

My inspiration for you this week is a scrap page
I was looking for a particular photograph and came across a set of photo's taken back in 1986 - that's 32 years ago folks! It was July and mid-winter. We had an unexpected fall of snow overnight and it settled right to the water's edge at sea level. We woke to a world of white and it was exciting!

I got to write my notes and put them under the top photo's - the page lift's back on a hinge.
You can find more details on my blog

Hope this gives you some ideas.

Here is another idea from Vicki!

Love that edge!

Here is another inspirational photo to spur you on.....
the memorial framed between the tree and sky and the way that cloud is so edgy.......
.....this is looking east - and the sun is rising on a beautiful blue winter's day.

WOW... what an amazing capture over Hobart byDeni Cupit.
Yesterday’s sunrise cloud formation added to the memorial flame at the Cenotaph.

02 July 2018

July is here! New challenge #81 starts today!

Hello Peeps - how is your mid summer/winter going? Can you believe it is half way through the year!!  It's winter here and now the days are getting longer again and soon we will not be pulling curtains at 4.30 pm to keep out the cold.  This island state has a good climate really (as in little snow and ice to put up with unless you are in the higher places. along the border of our state is the sea and it keeps us warm. Sometimes there are fiery rocks on the border as well......

RED is for fire engines, fast cars and lichen on the granite rocks along the Bay of Fires.and east coast of Tasmania 
What has that to do with our new challenge?


Create something and include a ............

Fancy Frame or Border

Twist - How edgy can you be?

Prize (random number draw)
Dies and Embossing folder (+ magazine)

Want some inspiration to get you started?
The DT have outdone themselves again!

How's that!

Now it's your turn - lets see how many can take up this challenge!

25 June 2018

Final Week for June Challenge

You have five days left to enter our current challenge:

We have the final weekend of MoFo here and the winter solstice is just behind us - we are now moving into the Spring with a few seconds added onto each day and a few less each night!

I quote from the photo: "Last night I met a fella who was telling me he went up Kunanyi (AKA Mt Wellington) to take this photo. Due to snow and icy roads a few of the gates were closed so he had to walk from the springs to the summit in the dark, freezing night, at 3am, resulting in this photo of Ryoji Ikeda's Spectra. Um wow... If this person was you, please tag yourself to bask in your own glory! Dark Mofo MONA - Museum of Old and New Art"

This is my version taken from the front verandah looking over the river
Nowhere near as good!

Anyway, back to the challenge

Please: remember, no stamps - even sentiment stamps!
We find it distressing to have to remove you from the chance to win

Challenge#80: Flowers and more flowers 
TWIST Bling it up!

Random Number Draw

Inspiration? Sure

Stampin' Up Designer paper vellum with pattern and rub-on
coloured up using copics on back


Hope your week is full of crafting and fun!

You can enter the outcome

18 June 2018

Week Three for Challenge #80: Flowers and more Flowers

....with the TWIST of BLING!

Hello Peeps

Hope your week has gone well - and you're crafting up a storm!

It's been quite stormy here lately - lots of rain and cold and winter weather!
It's also festival time here - 

A festival of food, music and performance and fire!

Here are some Dark Mofo photos to enjoy!

People eating

Calamari in Satey Sauce......

Heavy Metal Kitchen

Flamin’ heck! Mona’s Executive Chef Vince Trim returns to the Winter Feast with his Heavy Metal Kitchen, including a ‘wall of fire’. 

Nope, haven't been yet - too wet, cold and dark to go out at night for us now. 

I have been trying to get my creative mojo going and tidy up around here.

It's the third week of the current challenge and w have had some beautiful entries - unfortunately, some people don't realise that stamps are not to be used and will have their entries excluded but vast majority have stuck to the rules. 

Here is some further inspiration from the Design Team -two cards but remember, you can make any paper based item for this challenge.


There is a random draw prize:

Stamps, dies and Embossing folder

You can go HERE to find the Linky!

11 June 2018

Winner's Post for Challenge #79

Hi - just a quick post tonight

Firstly - the winners

I am running behind so the winners are chosen this week by our DT member

Thanks CG

The random number winner is 

Please send me an email with your snail male address


(I don't want robots getting in....)

The winner of the Favorite is 

Love the image and the idea!

Congratulations to both clever Crafters. 

The current challenge is swinging along - you obviously like this one

Remember NO STAMPS please

Flowers and more Flowers

The twist is to add some bling (your choice of bling).

Random Number Draw

It was a magazine freebie  - some stamps, some dies and an embossing folder
Floral Wishes

Some inspiration from my very clever Design Team?


Here is some other inspiration for the soul.....

A breathtaking double rainbow joins us for our evening walk along Muir’s Beach at Coles Bay thanks to Persia Shakari.


04 June 2018

Challenge#80: Flowers and more flowers

Challenge#80: Flowers and more flowers 
TWIST Bling it up!

Hello Peeps! 
Welcome to the June Challenge. Winter, eh. 
June the 1st for us was calm, still and bloody cold.
The Sunset on the 1st June certainly provided some bling as did the sunrise......
this is the sunset!

WOW... last night's absolutely stunning sunset from Constitution Dock in Hobart thanks to Jarrod Barnes.

Located in the harbourside area of Hobart at Sullivans Cove, the rock-walled marina making up Constitution Dock has an opening for boats with pedestrian access around the site, and is lined with heritage buildings that date back over a century. Nearby Hunter Street is where the British colonial ships used to drop their anchors. A reminder of the trading history of the historic port of Hobart is the 'SV May Queen', Australia's oldest sail trading vessel, which is moored in Constitution Dock and dates back to the mid-1800s.

A popular pasttime to indulge in when wandering around Constitution Dock is sampling the fresh fish and chips from one of several floating punts and devouring them at the busy waterfront area.

pic: www.instagram.com/jarrodbarnesphotography

How's that?

On with the challenge for June - who doesn't love flowers .... and they are especially welcome in the winter months as they hold that promise of Spring and new life.

The twist is to add some bling and who doesn't need bling in their life either? 

Now bling can be lots of things - it can be the sparkly stuff you add to the project or it can be the sunrise in Constitution Dock!

What is a little and what is a lot will depend on your own personal tastes.

Random Number Draw

It was a magazine freebie  - some stamps, some dies and an embossing folder
Floral Wishes

So, here is some DT inspiration to get you started - you have four weeks to enter. 


                                                              A pop up box of flowers

Part of the bling is in the foiled sentiment and frame

You can enter here but remember please


28 May 2018

Last of the May Day's for 2018.....

Moving into winter mode now. The weather is settled and cold and the autumnal days are coming to an end. There is still five days for you to enter (or enter again) and show us how you came to the conclusion that you had met this challenge.

Challenge#79: 1, 2 and 3 items 

Twist - journal about it

Now, your 1, 2 and 3 can be 3 different items you made or perhaps you added 1, 2 and 3 different items to your craft piece or you used the numbers 1, 2 and 3 somewhere in your work or......

The TWIST is to journal about your journey whilst making the item in your blog 
- tell us all about it!

Yes,there is a prize for this in a random number draw of entries that meet our criteria

For example,this one meets the criteria because:

- it has no stamps
- there is one doily (from SU)
- there are two (2) birds
- there are three dots of red pearl

It's that easy folks!
Remember, it does not have to be a card

More details on making this on my blog

Scroll down for more inspiration and to find the Linky HERE

Crescent Bay, just after sunrise, on the Tasman Peninsula... simply one of Tassie's best kept secret pieces of paradise. This view is from the top of Mt Brown and it is just magical. You can walk in from the carpark at the Remarkable Cave... 2 hours return.


21 May 2018

It's the Middle of May!

Ed: sorry, forgot to schedule!

Hello Peeps - how was your week? I hope it went well. We had an uneventful one so that was good! Autumn has really made herself felt this week with cool mornings and blue days.

A magical autumn landscape driving through Chudleigh, just west of Launceston, thanks to Kerry Hulm.

Did you watch the big wedding on Saturday? We did - it was quite lovely really but felt a bit as if we were intruding on strangers. I was happy to see that lad looking so excited and happy after all he has had to deal with in his life.  She had on a beautiful gown - so simple and elegant: less is more. My favorite florist was all of a twitter about the bouquet and the flower arch. Bet there are many similar bouquets made for brides in the coming months. Meagan was game having all those littlies as her attendants but they were so cute and so excited - they did well.

Anyway, enough of the reflections - on with the post reminding you all of our current challenge

Challenge#79: 1, 2 and 3 items 

Twist - journal about it

Now, your 1, 2 and 3 can be 3 different items you made or perhaps you added 1, 2 and 3 different items to your craft piece or you used the numbers 1, 2 and 3 somewhere in your work or......

The TWIST is to journal about your journey whilst making the item in your blog 
- tell us all about it!

Yes,there is a prize for this in a random number draw of entries that meet our criteria

CG has added her inspirational take on this to inspire you 

1 image, 2 washi tapes, 3 candy wrappers

.....makes me want to travel.....

....and I made some tags....

One cat, two colours and three tags.......read my blog!

Now, scroll down and enter your masterpiece!