13 April 2015

Winner's are Grinners, they say!

I wonder who comes up with these sayings? Who is this ubiquitous 'they', I wonder again? Anywhooo, I hope our winner for the March Challenge is grinning, and that the DT Favourite is too!


DT Favourite

Congratulations to you both - if you haven't done so, please check your email for one from me re these awards. 


Did you notice that we had a new DT member? I slipped up and added her great work to the first post instead of this one before I had announced her becoming a member of our team, and so I will repost her work - how great for display in a nursery or at a Baby Shower. So cute and so imaginative!

So, who is Lou Lou?

I live in Bonny Scotland and have been crafting for as long as I can remember.  I love creating mixed media pieces, I especially like to create my own papers with inks, paints and stencils.  I can’t draw and love working with silhouettes.  I am always looking for new ideas and techniques to keep my creations fresh.  

Now, onto our latest challenge!

Challenge #46
This month our theme is 


You can create a baby project of some kind or use the phrase to suit!
Easter babies, animal babies, human babies........

The TWIST is to make your project fairly non-traditional for babies...

The Prize for April 
(reminder- the glue is not included -just to indicate size)

We have some more inspiration also to share with you - to inspire you to enter our challenge!
With all the lovely new dies on the market and new techniques, not using stamps to create is easier than ever now, so there really is no excuse not to join in the fun!

(non traditional because the palette is dark blue and white rather than a pastel blue)

I made a vintage-style card to celebrate a new "fur baby" ...  adopting a pet can be a real life-changing experience, as I well know!

So true!

I hope you are now truly inspired and will rush to the craft cave and begin to create!
You can enter  your project 

06 April 2015

Were you an April Fool? Challenge #46 for April

Where does that come from I wondered? I went to Wikipedia! Wow did they have some information - apparently this has been going on for century's (1392 Chaucer reference) but it can also be seen in earlier festivals of the Roman's (Hilaria) and the Idian's (Holi)! The actual date was supposedly a mistake made in translating Chaucer and April 1 became the day to celebrate the April Fool. In Scotland it was known as "Huntigowk" - a Gowk is apparently a cuckoo. All very interesting unless you were made an April Fool of, when it becomes silly nonsense! When the nieces/nephew's/grandkids were little, we often had to pretend to be caught by the joke, and it did become a little tedious!

Apparently it is also an early Easter for April, and so 

In addition, we start another month and that means we start another challenge!
Remember, we announce the February winners next week.....

Challenge #46
This month our theme is 

You can create a baby project of some kind or use the phrase to suit!
Easter babies, animal babies, human babies........

The TWIST is to make your project fairly non-traditional for babies...

The Prize - new/unused
Not the Tombow glue - that is to give an idea of size

Isn't that stinking cute!


Lou Lou

So, your turn - you have until the 1st May to get your entry in
Why not give the DT some love and read about how they came to create their projects and then have a go yourself at being creative!

26 March 2015

Towards the end of March Challenge!

Just popped in to show you another wonderful piece of quilled inspiration from

Isn't that stunning!

The sentiment is so true as well - the older I get the more I accept this now

But I do tend to be impatient as well, (but not as much as the grandchildren!) and I am anxious to see what else you can create for our current challenge, which finishes at midnight, Friday (ASET) That still gives you over 24 hours to get something in the challenge!

You can enter HERE

23 March 2015

Nearing the end of March! Challenge #45 - Peace/Harmony

Happy Harmony Day

hippity, hoppity.......guess who will soon be showing up, laying eggs everywhere and generally creating a big problem for parents of small children everywhere? Doesn't seem as if we had March at all - a blink of the proverbial eye and now it's nearly Easter.

Still there is ONE MORE WEEK LEFT!

Yep, one more week to be in the chance to win this!

 1 New Spellbinders die

How I hear you ask?
Just create something around the theme of
Harmony or/and Peace ­

There are only six entries to date, so if you put one in, there is a very good chance of the random number selector choosing your entry and this new die will be winging its way to you!

The twist is to incorporate flight into your article/piece/creation

We have some inspiration for you, as always!

Yes, I know you will say the Peace symbol is sideways - it's not actually sideways now in the actual card; long story, you will have to go to my blog to read it! 

So what happens now?

1. Think up an idea

2. Make it

3 Enter it in the challenge 
HERE before midnight on the 28th

4. Sit back and wait to hear if you are a winner!

16 March 2015

Mid Month Again!

Found this on Facebook!

Ain't that the truth!

I personally see errors as potentially new opportunities!

OK for March the theme for our current challenge is 
Harmony or/and Peace ­

The twist is to incorporate flight into your article/piece/creation

This is the prize for the winner

 1 New Spellbinders die

WE have some more inspiration from DT members - they are wonderful people so please go and have a look at their websites and leave them some love. They certainly deserve it! Tracey has been on leave and has returned with a bang, and wait till you see what Jen has come up with! Wyn's balloons are just so pretty too.

Peaceful scene....balloon flight over the Med.

Tracey F

So, off you go and have a look-see at their blogs and then start to think - how can I incorporate this theme and twist into a card, or scrap page or item without using my stamps!

Then - most important- don't forget to add your creation to our challenge HERE!

09 March 2015

Winner's Post for February

Well done to all the entrants in February's challenge - it was not an easy one but it was fun thinking about how we could use the theme and incorporate the twist as well!

The winner and the DT Favourite have already been contacted but here are their pieces of work to remind you again

Winner: Zoe
Her quilled spider (shudder)!

DT Favourite: Jackie
A celebration of all things English!

Now, the March challenge has been running for a week and we already have some lovely entries. You should go have a look!

The theme is  

Harmony or/and Peace ­

The twist is to incorporate flight into your article/piece/creation

This is the prize for the winner

 1 New Spellbinders die

Today we have another piece by our Guest Designer, Lou, who has channeled the Peace movement of the 60's in this lovely journal piece, to inspire you. Love the rainbow and the bricks and texture!

    Urvashi Rao
Peace of mind

Mine uses one of the very many photographs I have of the beautiful places I have visited in my home state. 
This is a coastal stream on East Coast of Tasmania very near to where I grew up - in fact if you go to my blog, and look towards the left of my blog picture, it was taken around that spot somewhere.

So, go HERE to enter your work or just to look at the wonderful inspiration already there before going to create your own wonderful piece

02 March 2015

Well, that went fast!

February that is!

Time to move onto the next challenge for March

You know, our DT comes from many different parts of the world, and our entrants in the various challenges from even more places.  I am constantly excited to find out that the latest entrant comes from a country that I have not (yet) visited! Each time I learn something new about the country and/or the people. And the main thing I have learned is that we are all just people, enjoying the same things and sharing the same ideas and hopes and dreams. 

So, when I was putting together the list of themes for 2015, I came up with this one!

Harmony or/and Peace ­

There are many symbols of harmony or peace with the dove being probably one of the most recognizable. 

You can however, create anything around the theme of Harmony and/or Peace.

The twist is to incorporate flight into your article/piece/creation

This is the prize for the winner

 1 New Spellbinders die

Firstly, we have a Guest Designer, Lou Lou
she has created for us an Art Journal Page

Isn't that a great piece of journaling!

The DT have also been very creative and come up with things I would never have thought of using this theme/twist. Remember, please do not use stamps. 


I cannot wait to see how others interpret this theme!
How Exciting!!
Just enter your creation using the Inkylink below

Remember we will be announcing the winners for February next week and 

23 February 2015

Short month, February.....

Hello Peeps!
Some advise for you......

I love Facebook for finding all these!

As the heading says, February is a short month, even in a leap year - and this one is not a leap year.
I have a BIL whose birthday is on the 29th February; he turned 18 the same year as his eldest Granddaughter
However, it makes life a bit fraught decided if it is celebrated on the 28th or the 1st of March, even if you remain younger than your cohort and get younger than them each year

You have less than a week to enter the latest challenge here
February Challenge #44 National Symbols

There are many formal and informal national symbols - you do not have to be limited too much - if you can justify your choice in your blog, go for it!

The twist is to use your country's flag colours in your creation
Just don't use stamps!

The Prize is this collection of new material (value approx $20 Aus) 

So you want some more inspiration? OK - these might help!

English rose is a symbol of England


Remember, you have until Friday, midnight,  the 27th AEST to enter