25 April 2016

Last week of the Unstampabelles April Challenge

This post will go live on ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand.

Lest We Forget 

This photo of a poppy was taken a few days ago at Gallipoli, Turkey, where one of my Granddaughters, Private Hettie Adams of the NZ Army Band, is currently stationed. She will be one of the party making the music for the Dawn Service and other services around the area on the 25th April and singing the NZ National Anthem at the Dawn Service.

She was delighted when she found a tortoise there one day!

On to the Challenge - 

Fauna and Flora
With a TWIST of Texture!

This is the prize on offer

I have not made anything for this week for inspiration as I have had a busy week with a husband in hospital with a hip replacement, but my fabulous Design Team have stepped up to the grid and provided the following to inspire you!

Just look at that quilled flower!

Wynn has been at it again and provided another lovely card

So, if you are going to enter, you need to do so before midnight on Friday
Scroll down from HERE and find the linky and enter your creation there

18 April 2016

Midway for April Challenge #56

Hello Peeps - well another week and another reminder of our current challenge. The theme is

Flora AND Fauna


Talking of Fauna, here is a very endangered bird from Tassie

Edition 170 A forty-spotted pardalote
The 40 spotted pardelote, which has been called a 'farmer' bird because it taps the leaves an branches to urge the tree to put out manna, or a type of food sap

Cute, eh?

Back to our challenge.......
Remember there is a random prize

And we also choose a DT Favourite

We have some more inspiration for you as well

I love dalmatian puppies!

A wee house!

So, scroll down to the first post for April to find the linky to add your project and 
don't forget - no stamps or digi's please. 

11 April 2016

Who is the March Winner then?

The #tinderboxvineyard to the right and over the water is #brunyisland.#tasmania

This is in an area of Southern Tasmania called the Channel area

Presumably because there is a body of water between Tassie and Bruny Island running most of the length of this area. Bruny Island is named for Bruni D'entrecasteaux, a french explorer who visited this area - in fact, I might have been French if the English invaders of mainland Australia had not taken fright at the thought of France taking land near them, and immediately sent a small group to colonise Tasmania - and take it in the name of England first! There are lots of places in this area with French names as a result. 

Welcome to Tasmania

On to the winner's post to announce the winner of our March challenge
 - unlock your potential -
The twist of course was to add a key.

There was a prize (random number selection)

It was won by Vicki!

unstampable march 2016 (497x640)


The DT Favourite was unanimous this month and that is quite unusual
It is also the first time in quite a while that the DT Favourite has coincided  with the random number winner! That is also unusual!!!

So, a double Congratulations to Vicki, especially as she made this card by mistake, thinking that the recipient was 21 this year, when really he was only 20!

Our current Challenge#56 


Flora and Fauna 
with a 

TWIST to add some extra texture!


We have some more DT Inspiration to stir you on to enter this month

So pretty

CG's desert upbringing is shining through again!

Scroll down to last week, and find the link to the challenge there - there are already so wonderful entries
Please remember - NO STAMPS used, including digital ones
It is always embarrassing to have to remove an entry

04 April 2016

Time for the April Challenge! #56 Flora/Fauna, with a twist of Texture

Do you know what the term lumpy-bumpy means when scrapbooking? I came across it a few years ago and it describes exactly the idea that a page/card/journal has been loaded up with lots of texture and embellies...........

That is what this new challenge is all about

Flora and Fauna 

TWIST add some extra texture!


You are all clever people and know that flora means plants and flowers; and fauna refers to to all the critters that live among the plants and flowers!

You have a month to enter the competition

Winner's of last months challenge announced next week, as per usual

We have several pieces of inspiration to get you started - 

Jen Leeflang

So, week one and we have flowers and butterflies.........what shall we see next week, I wonder......don't forget to visit the DT and see how the cards are made and leave a comment. We all love the interaction.

Don't forget - no stamps to be used, including digital stamps

28 March 2016

Well, big chance to win - only two entries

I hope that bunny found you with lots of eggs......

Now, about our latest challenge #55

I think this was just too hard for everyone - such a shame as I can see in all the magazines and on Pinterest many cards, mm pages and such that would fit this bill, but apparently I must just have a warped brain.........

Anyway, there are only five days to go for this challenge #55:

Unlock your potential
The twist is to add a key.........

There is a prize (random number selection)

To inspire you a bit more....

Shylaashree has made this absolutely gorgeous creation

How is tat for fulfilling potential!
Look at that beautiful quilling too.

I made a bucket list book for a friend so she can start collecting her bucket list together
It is made with an old Memo book of mine that had five pages written on - so I tore them out. 

You can find out more on my blog

Let's see what you can come up with.......

Please scroll down to 

 and find the Linky at the bottom of the post to add your entry for the challenge

21 March 2016

Midway for Challenge#55 - Unlock Your Potential

We have started a return to winter - the autumnal weather means we have four seasons in a day ..... at least. Today is cool but the sun is currently shining. Yesterday was a little colder and wetter....

This shot was taken yesterday on a short trek to Silver Falls, on the mountain by Greg Faull - however, not all of Tasmania is looking so green or wet!

What is this post about?

Our current challenge #55!

Your paper project entry for this theme  - unlock your potential - could encompass many ideas, many mediums and be completed for many reasons......as long as you can, in your blog, say how it meets the theme!

The twist of course is to add a key.........

There is a prize (random number selection)

Here is some inspiration from the design Team to spur you on.......

Please scroll down to 

 and find the Linky at the bottom of the post to add your entry for the challenge

14 March 2016

Winner's Post for February and Chllenge #55

Hello Peeps! Well, it is time to announce who won the prize for February, and who were chosen as the DT Favorite from Challenge #54

Looking forward, Looking back - with a TWIST to add a window (or a mirror)

The Prize
There are two Couture Creation Dies - small - up for grabs this month

This was chosen by Random Number selection
 and won by

Love that silhouette!

The DT Favorite is

Congratulations to both of you!

Remember, the theme for our current challenge is 

Twist: a key

I have another card for you as inspiration

Any celebration is a key to potential success!

Just scroll down and find the linky in the first post for the month and add your entry!

07 March 2016

March Challenge#55: Unlock Your Potential

What was/is the key to your success?
Have you discovered it yet?
Or are you, like myself, still searching for that illusive creature?

How do we measure it anyway?

If we all have the potential to do many things, we have no measure that will suit all people, so it will be impossible to measure success - especially as we know not where on the line one started from and how much extra assistance we may have got while traversing it.

Therefore your paper project entry for this theme  - unlock your potential - could encompass many ideas, many mediums and be completed for many reasons......as long as you can, in your blog, say how it meets the theme!

The twist of course is to add a key.........

There is a prize (random number selection)

and of course the Design Team will select someone to be titled the DT Favorite - no prize for that but as I always say, honor and glory

Remember, please do not include any stamped image, or digital stamp, including sentiments in your entry as having to disqualify it makes life difficult for all concerned,

The Design Team have offered up some work for you to use as possible inspiration
Please go to their blogs and leave a comment for them so they know you appreciate their work

A treasure chest with key..... full of love hearts!!

 New Home Congratulations - lots of potential there and a key as well!
Anything where you congratulate someone means that person has reached a milestone

Turning into a butterfly is a simile for unlocking your potential!

Please click on the linky and enter your work - you have until midnight on the 1st April put up your entry.

22 February 2016

Final Week for February Challenge: #54

Looking forward, Looking back - with a TWIST to add a window (or a mirror)

To inspire you a little more there is a prize - chosen by random number - and there is also a chance of being selected as the DT Favourite 

The Prize
There are two Couture Creation Dies - small - up for grabs this month

I have been a bit busy lately - travelled to Melbourne (for me that's over seas!) to see the Granddaughter in the Edinburgh Tattoo performance in Melbourne. She is part  of the NZ Army Band. a fabulous weekend, and we stayed on and visited with family.

This was opening night at the Etiad Stadium. - they rebuilt the Edinburgh  castle for the event, but it was probably out of cardboard! We were looking forward to going to this and seeing her perform live, and then we have all the photo's and video's and memories to look back on - the window is the lens from the camera!

We have some Design Team inspiration again for you - perhaps some of this will give you te incentive to make and enter the challenge!

There are windows in the ute.

  22     Last Week
Plaque for a cat lovers' New Home

Quilled Wedding Keepsake

(with flowers from the Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow bush in the window)

So, enter 

by scrolling down to the Linky thingy