24 December 2018

Twice as Muddled.

First things first - I have to apologize to the September winner Chris and the October winner Jenny: your winning were posted but to the wrong person. Apparently,  Jenny got Chris's prize and Chris will be getting Jenny's when it finally arrives - the post to Europe is slow. I seem to have written  the wrong addresses on the envelopes when I was posting them off. As one went to Europe and one went to the Australian mainland, I am afraid I cannot exchange them.

As I donate these prizes from my own pocket - I do not have a business that supplies these or sponsors - therefore I am afraid the occasional slip-up will have to be accepted. To either repurchase or rescind these prizes and resend would be an expense beyond what I am willing to pay.  Enjoy the difference and accept the error please.


May you all have a happy, peaceful and joyous time over the next few days.
Thank you for participating and reading this blog in 2018.

Now, we have one week left of the last challenge of the year:

Challenge 86: Christmas theme for your Family or Country 

Twist - explain the theme in your blog

Some countries have particular themes around Christmas
Some families also have particular themes bought from the old country to the new one

Remember: you can scrap; make a card or tag; or do off-the-page items and 3D stuff
for this challenge as long as you Please DON'T USE STAMPS!

Last one for the year so let us see what you can do!

There is a prize:
Hopefully I will send it to the right person this time!

Some inspiration for the last week:

In Australia we have a hot Christmas - well, usually (yes, even in Tasmania)
This year looks to be no exception

Meals nowadays tend to be less traditional at Christmas time
Prawns are often the go - we had a prawn salad this evening for dinner

Meals are eaten out of doors - even on the beach!

...or the verandah...

...or backyard.....

Dessert is not plumb pudding but usually summer fruits or a meringue

and icecream usually too!

I made a pavlova (meringue) but it isn't creamed yet....
It is sitting on paper....cheeky, I know

I will eventually get around to scrapping about this but haven't done so yet...

Let us see what you have made in the last week of December for 2018.


  1. It's fun seeing how is celebrating Christmas in the zones with a hot weather :)
    I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Fabulous 2019!

  2. Thank you Susan for your up date about winners prices. No matter about the wrong address, i so glad to accept it knowing it's from you and not a sponsor, i'll cherish it as a Christmas present :) .

  3. I'd like to wish you Susan and your DT members a Merry Christmas and a wonderful creative 2019 year. Enjoy time With friends and family. Can't wait to see what your new challenge will be <3

  4. Hello Susan, wish you and your DT members a Happy and creative year 2019 and want to thank you so much for the price i have received today . Wow it"s a wonderful price <3 i'll cherish it !


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