27 January 2019

Only a Week to Go!

I hope you all celebrated well on Australia Day (the 26th) and will enjoy the public holiday today!
Many people here in Tasmania are finished up their summer holidays at the beach and will be heading home as school starts next week too.

The final week(end) had been a bit fraught with bushfires everywhere in the state, mostly started with dry lightening strikes. The fuel is so dry everything is burning too easily. All very sad. However, the rest of the summer was a bonzer time. 

A beautiful capture of a dingy on Stewarts Bay beach. 
This little gem of a spot is in a sheltered bay, perfect for swimming and kayaking, whilst wildlife abounds here with many native animals calling the beach and surrounding bush home.

There is only one more week until we begin our new challenge year
#86: (Wonder what the challenge will be) with a TWIST (mmm, how will I do that?)

Remember, we do not allow STAMPS, either digital or rubber or acrylic or wood
However, we do allow everything else to do with papercraft!

We have a few new members of the Design Team and will introduce them throughout the month. 
Please welcome them.

Meanwhile, keep crafting and enjoying life!

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  1. So so sorry for the bushfire, such an awful thing :(
    Beautiful photo!


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. The Design Team really appreciate it. Have fun with the challenge.