20 September 2021

Challenge #115: Salutations and Greetings with a TWIST of stencilled backgrounds

Salutations and Greetings 

with a 

TWIST of stencils in background

This month it is a bit open to interpretation and will suit all mediums. 

Either make your greeting the centre of your piece or perhaps do whatever comes to mind to suit the theme - just remember, no stamps please. 

The TWIST of a stencilled background is to get you using those stencils laying around in some form or other - or you can make your own stencil and use that to create a background. We must see the stencilling clearly to make sure it is not a stamp. Some stencils and stamps look so alike. 

This week the inspiration is from


One of those cards we all hate to make but which are so much needed 

This one is so beautiful

Love the paste through the stencil!

What idea are you brewing?

Hopefully it will become a great vintage - you have two weeks left 


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. The Design Team really appreciate it. Have fun with the challenge.