13 September 2021

Challenge #115: Salutations and Greetings TWIST stencils in background plus August Winners!

 Hello Peeps....

Welcome to Week 2 of Challenge #115

Salutations and Greetings 

with a 

TWIST of stencils in background

This month it is a bit open to interpretation and will suit all mediums. You can either make your greeting the centre of your piece or perhaps refer to different greetings in different languages perhaps, or create a piece that is all greetings, or just greet someone,  or.......or......or do whatever comes to mind to suit the theme - just remember, no stamps please. 

The TWIST of a stencilled background is to get you using those stencils laying around in some form or other - or you can make your own stencil and use that to create a background. The background can be in chalk, paint, ink, whatever (might draw the line at blood and other bodily fluids)  but we must see the stencilling clearly to make sure it is not a stamp. Some stencils and stamps look so alike. 

A 3D object made from card that has been stencilled or a scrapbook page or a journal piece....or a card! Whatever direction your creative juices can take you with this is fine. 

Talking of Greetings, Weasley say's Hello!

Well, perhaps he was saying "Don't take a photo of me or I will bite you!"
Anyway, he is a big handsome boy.

Before we show you the inspiration for this week, it's time to announce the winners for the August Challenge

Random Number Winner

send me an email with your PayPal address at


(obviously unscramble this first)

DT Favorite

No 5: Karen B

Congratulations to both 

Now, let us see some inspiration for the challenge!

Two cards using similar techniques

What can you do with this theme and the TWIST?


  1. Congrats and oh lovely cards also gorgeous cat too l just love cats x

  2. Wow - happy dance!! It's a great surprise when my layout comes up. Thanks so-so much!!! Congrats to other ladies, Great Artist!! Virtual hugs from Finland

  3. congratulations to the winner and toppers
    Gr Karin


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