18 October 2021

Challenge #116: Everyone has a Story TWIST use a page from a book

Hello Peeps

Welcome to week 3 in October's challenge 

#116: Everyone has a Story             


TWIST: use a page from a book somewhere in your piece

I hope you are all OK?

It has finally happened and Tasmania (Southern Tasmania) is in Covid lockdown because we had a low life who entered Tassie illegally and had Delta.

He has been uncooperative - apparently there is suspicion of drug dealing - and so no-one really has any idea of his comings and goings, and we all had to lockdown for 3 days at least. So far we are showing no infection in the community but the type of people who would have had dealings with him are unlikely to come forward for testing and probably are not vaccinated either. It is now a wait and see situation.

We have 24 hours at least to go and if there are some signs of Delta I guess the snap down 3 days will be extended. You should have seen the rush to the supermarkets for toilet paper and frozen foods! Ridiculous!

I on the other hand went and got a pedicure!

Back to the challenge.....

You have two weeks to get and entry in for this - remember, no stamps please. It is a good one for journals and for scrapbooking but you can make a card too - that is what Vicki has done for your inspiration.....

Nothing like the story of how you acquired your home to suit this challenge!

What have you thought about creating for this challenge?

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