25 July 2016

A Week left to Go Native!

Hello all - well, we have a week left for this challenge to be met: use the theme 'Go Native' to express yourself by creating something that represents your native land or your tribe/clan's traditional things; or even to show off the native animals or flora from your region.

This little fella is a very local inhabitant - he is of course the Tasmania Devil

"The Tasmanian devil is the world's largest carnivorous marsupial, according to National Geographic. Most of the time, they eat birds, snakes, fish and insects. Often, they feast on dead carcasses, called carrion."

I saying large - here is a baby being fed by a human.....
You can see they are not that large

They ARE suffering from a dreadful tumerous cancer which is threatening to wipe them out

There is a very determined effort going on to save them

The TWIST for this challenge is to make your project up as a Square CARD this month!

There is as always a prize

and some more inspiration


Antarctica is the only place for penguins - Antarctica is just down the hill from us!
Ergo - natives!


'Everything Stops for Tea!'
( A very British tradition!)

What ideas have you been inspired to create? 
You have until Friday at midnight to enter the challenge!

Go HERE and scroll down to the Linky to enter

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