11 July 2016

June Winners and some more for July challenge

Brrrr, it's winter and so it has been a bit cold - and about to get much colder! They are talking about snow to sea level this week - pretty amazing for us and we will wait and see.......meanwhile, this lovely bridge is one of many over the various rivers in Tasmania which is convict built (means its about 200 years old), and stunning in its design and construction.

It's the Red Bridge at Campletown, southern side entry to the town
Photo by Murray of Murray's Day Out

Looks cold doesn't it.........
If it snows to the sea on Tuesday I will take a photo myself and show you!

Now, on to the June Winners

No 6 Carole J
So delicate

and for DT Favorite

Congratulations to both of you
There should be an email from me re this with more information - if not please check your junk mail first and then send me a message

OK, so on to the July Challenge

Challenge #59 Go Native

Twist: use a square card
Yes, this is a CARD ONLY challenge

The Prize
Embossing Folder and sequins

As it was Nadoic Week last week, I decided to have a go at making a dot painting and discovered I am not as clever as the Original Peoples and other  painters who use this technique

I like it though

Now, it's up to you to think of something that you and the other natives of your region/town/suburb/country do that can be represented on a square card.....

Scroll down to the Linky on the post under this one

You still have three weeks to go to make a card and enter it.........


  1. congrats to the winners

    beautiful card

    gr karin

  2. Oh, that's wonderful! Thank you so much for choosing my pocket letter as your DT favourite - I am thrilled! And congratulations to the winner! Carole's pocket letter is absolutely stunning! Wow! I enjoyed your challenge - I love to make pocket letters! The crown twist was fun too - I like to include the twist - I never know if the twist is mandatory or optional so I'm happy to realize now that it is just an option - good to know for next time! I find your challenges very challenging because I like to stamp! So it is particularly rewarding for me to have my project chosen by your DT as a favourite - thank you so much!

  3. Congratulations to the two winners. I loved your work.

  4. That bridge looks very sturdy Susan.....they did a great job those convicts!! Hope you're not feeling too cold. We're melting with the heat here in Cyprus lol. Wynn xx

  5. Thank you so much for choosing my Pocket Letter as winner. I'm absolutely thrilled!
    Love the dot art card you created, too. xx

    Hello Susan,
    Thanks for choosing my PL as winner! I haven't had an email and can't find your email address on the blog. Mine is:

    Thanks again! x


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. The Design Team really appreciate it. Have fun with the challenge.