27 November 2017

Two Brave Souls!

Congratulations to our two brave entrants so far. Thank you for taking the time to enter as well. It is nice knowing we are being read! Still a week to go so hopefully we will get some more crafters having a go at this challenge.

I know that many of you don't enter because we don't use stamps - but I use stamps lots of time and own thousands  (well, probably hundreds) of sets - some even still uninked! I just don't use them all the time. I also have a huge file of digitals on my computer. Again, I just don't use them all the time.

Forcing yourself to think about how you can make something without stamping extends your skill levels and broadens your mind! I often look at photographs of work using a stamp and mentally substitute a die cut for the sentiment, or a sticker, or handwriting - and there is a piece of craft without stamping!

I also like to repurpose good stuff like lovely images I find. So using them instead of a stamped image is so satisfying. One element I often use is a wine label off a bottle and now my friends save me unusual labels of their bottles!

Enough badgering......what about this little critter!

A baby wombat!
Don't you just want to tickle that little belly!
Divine baby Iris - Isn't she just THE MOST gorgeous baby wombat you've ever seen?

Must admit we do say that about all the baby wombats that come in to Kate Mooneys care on Flinders Island... but guess what - its true! 


Remember the challenge?

 It's all about the cake...
TWIST use mainly the primary colours 


This is the random number prize - an embossing folder

Another inspiration? Sure

A tag for the present!

See you soon!!!

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  1. sorry had no time.......great tag and cute little critter Susan

    Gr Karin

  2. I have never seen a wombat before, and this little guy makes me smile so much!!! Such fun and sweet baby! :D
    Your tag looks great with the primary colors!
    Have a lovely morning (for me is evening :D )

  3. Ooh isn't it just so cute and yes l'd love to tickle it x

  4. I didn't get in here for the November challenge...my apologies...but I am ready and waiting to see what your December challenge is!!

    Oh, that baby wombat is the most adorable thing ever!! I love that sweet face, the silvery coat, the round little belly, and those tiny pink feet with such magnificent claws. I'm guessing that wombats must be digging/burrowing creatures! I DO want to give this precious little girl a gentle tickle. AWWWWW... Thanks for sharing!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. The Design Team really appreciate it. Have fun with the challenge.